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  • I’ve been enjoying Happy Donkey’s classic italian recently, which has made me reconsider how and where I buy my beans from.. However the £4.25 delivery charge is really going to annoy me if I have to pay it for every bag.

    Do others just take the hit and order fresh bags delivered on a regular basis, or are people making use of local stores? I guess a tenner isn’t bad for 500g to your door...

  • If you've got a local shop then make the most of it. I used to buy from the Department of Coffee by my office. £7 for a bag with a free coffee. Now Ive moved jobs and house and it's a tenner minimum per job because of shipping

  • If say, you found your Moka, that had been through a dishwasher and then sat on a shelf for about 6 years, how do you go about cleaning it up?

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  • Paging @>>>>>>

  • Ok!
    searches cupboards for puly caff from years ago

  • Quite excited about this

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  • That looks a lot better than mine did, mine was black as, bro...

  • Could you make a picture once you do it? I have the same thing (my wife put it in a dishwasher :() and I am wondering if it is worth a try.

  • Don't expect anything quick! But yeah I can!

  • In my experience, the dishwasher solution strips off the shiny coating. I don’t know what the coating is (it’s some kind of anodising or electroplate) but once it’s gone, it’s gone.

  • Not sure if it's a coating, anodizing or simply polished. I suspect they're just polished.
    Regardless, it's not too difficult to bring back some of the shine.­-clean-aluminum-restore-moka-pot.html

  • I've got the Fracino ginder in this picture, I can't find the specific model

    Anyone know if how it compares to other grinders?

    I got it for 50 quid 8 years ago on gumtree, it's the only one I've ever had. I've never known if it's worth upgrading or not.

    Temped to get the Eureka posted above for something smaller, maybe quieter and perhaps better?

  • If it's any measure of quality, the font and name look more fun than the iberital mc2.

  • I’ve used those Fracino grinders, they’re functionally great, more than good enough for domestic use. They’re a bit plasticky and big, plus they retain quite a bit of old coffee but that’s no problem if you don’t mind purging. Which Eureka, Mignon? don’t think it will give you much improvement quality-wise but it will be a nicer thing to have in your kitchen.

  • Great thanks for that, just what I needed

  • How often do burrs need replacing on an Iberital MC2 do we think? I got mine second hand, I have no idea how old it is, but think it's done some fair mileage.

    What would be the symptoms of blunt burrs? I feel like I've recently started struggling with more channelling, and can't think what else is causing it, though I have read some beans are more prone than others...

  • In need of some espresso beans for my Gaggia Classic..any recommendations?

  • Sold my Aeropress "on here" and have now found bits that were missing.

    I contacted the person who bought it off me but no reply so these are free to go to anyone.

    Funnel thing & stirrer thing.

    Pick up from New Cross or can post for a fiver

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  • It’s usually worth replacing the burrs on a used commercial grinder as soon as you get it unless you’re sure it’s been lightly used. Once you’ve done that they should last a lifetime in domestic use. Replacement burrs for that machine are not much money. Give me a shout if you have any trouble sourcing them.

    Blunt burrs produce less definition of flavour, but you won’t know until you change them because it happens incrementally. Also they grind slower - if it’s taking more than about 10 seconds to grind a basket full then they’re probably dull. You’ll notice it sounds better when you change them if they’re blunt.

  • Hehe, you deleted the message before I got on the forum to read it! The email notification had the message on it but I figured you’d changed your mind so I kept quiet about it...

    But I was going to say go ahead and offer them on here because I don’t need them.

  • Sorry, not sure how it happened - happy to post to you FOC.

    Otherwise pick up from New Cross SE14 for interested parties

  • Seems like worth trying. I didn't buy it off a shop, but have no idea as to it's history.

    These should work -­rinder-conic-blades-7142-p.asp? Price is the same as a bag of coffee, so i'll give them a try.

  • Depends how much you want to spend really, but our very own @StevePeel, who as well as providing sage advice to these hallowed pages, runs Yellow Bourbon and their espresso blend is as good a place as any to start.­op/products/espresso-blend-2?variant=220­7228788746

  • Nice thanks will take a look

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Coffee Appreciation

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