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  • That’s how I always remove solidified gaskets.

  • Not necessarily more control but a Trangia would be the easiest replacement, though a DIY Fancy Feast would be more efficient.

  • Aeropress at Aldi? 🐨40, yes please...

    This'll be perfect for work, no time for espresso in the mornings...

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  • no time for espresso


  • I've got a Hario siphon and while it came with an alcohol burner, I bought a Rekrow butane burner and never bothered with the alcohol one. I've not used any other burners so no direct experience but the Rekrow seemed to be the go-to unless you're willing to fork out for a halogen heater.

    Edit: @Carey

  • Quite, espresso is a bit of a misnomer in my hands... I snooze my alarm 'til the very last moment so I only have time to shower, get dressed and get out of the door so I can be at my desk by 7am... I have breakfast when I get to work so this is a good option for me, means I get to have coffee every morning and not just at the weekend or when I'm WFH...

  • Over the last week I've gathered myself this little setup.

    love the brave plant

  • Just realised I have this, if you want it? I never got around to using it, but it should still be good?

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  • I actually use our gas hob for my Cona. The model is designated as the 'table' model, for which a burner would of course be needed. But it sort of feels like it was designed to work on the hob too, like the earlier models I think.

  • Also @Carey, here's perhaps a bad example of me using a Trangia burner...

  • Anyone tried a Wilfa uniform?

    Seems to tick the boxes. Can be had for £220 on sale, designed for filter but can manage the odd espresso (I make 10 cups of filter for every espresso I make). Not sure what else is in that price range that’ll cover those bases and not sure if I can be bothered buying second hand.

  • I haven't but saw Hoffman's 1 year on review this morning and he was pretty happy with it. Sounds like a pain to dial in Espresso though.

  • Sounds like a pain to dial in Espresso though

    Yeah, I got the vibe that you’d never get a perfect espresso out of it, but I’m sure it’d be more than good enough for me. You’ve twisted my arm. I’m gonna have to get one now.

  • Ha! Easily twisted. He did say not to get the one with the built in scale though as it's crap.

  • If you can stretch your budget, I'd recommend trying to get a stepless grinder. Having to manipulate both grind and dose to get a good extraction is a pain (IMO)

  • stepless grinder

    Know any good examples? Tbh weighing the dose isn’t much bother for me, and I don’t make enough espresso to think that I need the fine adjustment. I’d be stretching to £220 as it is.

  • Unfortunately not much around the £200 mark, I was lazy and picked up a new Baratza Sette. To be honest it's the first motorised grinder I've used so I'm not best placed to be making recommendations. Out of the increased speed, reduced effort and more precise settings vs my old hand grinders, the latter is definitely the improvement I value the most.

  • Isn’t the Iberital MC2 the £200-zone grinder to have which can do good espresso?

  • Having just failed to fix one, I've realised I'm not over the moon with the design - I think changing from filter grind to espresso would be a right ballache. They're also supposed to be bad for retaining grounds (never got it working so can't say on that front!).

  • You didn't manage to fix it? That's a shame.

  • Yeah, motor is knackered. Although just checked and a replacement is only £45, and I thought it was twice that, so may actually just order a new motor.


  • There's nothing that competes if you mostly do filter. Fellow Ode when it comes out might do it, but will probably be more expensive, can't do espresso at all and might be crap (no one has used one yet AFAIK?)

    If you feel fancy you can also apparently swap SSP burrs into the wilfla.

    I also intend to get a uniform when I can find 220.

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Coffee Appreciation

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