Coffee Appreciation

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  • Don’t worry if it turns out to be a pain in the arse btw. It’d be helpful, but obviously not critical.

    Ps, I bloody love this forum!

  • No worries, will repay some of the bread troubleshooting advice you & others have helped me with.

  • Made a cold brew in tupperware to experiment. 6 hours in the fridge, occasional agitation, absolutely delicious! None of the bitterness previously complained about, very chocolatey, very pleased I bought the Hario recommended up thread as I see many more of these in my immediate future...

  • What did you filter through? Just paper coffee filters? I have some of those I was using for the ultrasonic cleaner solutions I could use them for actual coffee :)

  • Nice one! Conversely I tried the iced pour over method from the James Hoffman video posted up-thread. Not overly swayed by it but will give it another few goes yet.

  • @nefarious

    Any chance the Cunhill Tranquillo uses the same PCB? There'a much clearer picture of a similar looking PCB here with a similar looking resistor to yours.­NILL-TRANQUILO-PCB-ORIGINAL-PN-CUNG0024-­p/cung0024.htm

    This one appears to be a 4 band of Red-Red-orange-gold = 22k Ohms

  • I'm going to have to get the PCB out, unless I can find a dental mirror!

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  • I might need to look again at removing it in more detail tomorrow, this is the best pic I can get in-situ.

    Edit - blue top of pic

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  • A challenger appears! I’ve ordered some 22k 3w resistors so I’ll see if they work.

  • P.s. looking at the wiring logic, is that whole board just controlling the dispense timing which has a pretty big margin of error anyway? Would bypassing this make the dispense button an on/off or would it end in firey death?

  • I had a quick go at this and it didn’t work, and I didn’t feel confident enough with my knowledge to endure, yet.

  • Tried this.

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  • I just wanted to be part of it

  • I want you to be a part of it too, man.

  • Ordered quite frankly a stupid amount of coffee from Yellow Bourbon 1kg of espresso, 1 Brazil, 1 Peru and a bag of the green beans to give roasting my own a go. I've ordered more in the past, but still

  • Get in! I did the same (all roasted tho). Been a real treat working through it. They’ve all been banging so far.

  • Almost certainly to the great disdain of most on this thread, just one of these things. It works great for my taste and no waste/easily cleaned etc...

  • I read various bits about cold filter being a bit weak/tasteless, very happily surprised with the amount of flavour and the difference in flavour - much more chocolatey and smooth. Just put some more in for a longer cold brew, looking forward to how it tastes after 15 hours in the fridge!

  • Cold brew being weak is nonsense, at least in terms of caffeine. Its fucking rocket fuel!

  • Cheers. I just ordered a Hario Cold Brew Jug from Pact to give it a go.

  • If you listen to Hoffman's take he says normal brewing extracts more of the flavours so with cold brew you tend to get a much milder coffee with the top end stuff taken out. But because of the brew time you extract more caffeine. So, it's a milder flavour but higher caffeine.

  • Also big win for the lazy amongst us. No need to fill/boil the kettle...

  • That's what I guessed too

  • Bought an Orman portafilter pressure gauge as I continue down the upgrade path, and having done the tweak to the OPV on my Gaggia Classic about 5 years ago that was supposed to bring it down to 9-10 bar from 14 bar out the factory, I found it was still actually at 12 bar.

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Coffee Appreciation

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