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  • I think I’ve found the source of the problem with my MC2.

    Matey in the circle looks pretty fucked and has no continuity.

    I need to do some more tests - check the motor etc. I’m not great with circuit function and design. Would the motor being fucked blow a resistor?

    A new board is £20, and probably worth a punt once I’ve checked the motor is ok. Just need to learn how to do that!

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  • I have a basic soldering set I bought off eBay to fix my soundbar, which had a £0.20 capacitor blown.

    If you are local you can borrow it to replace this component?

    I managed to do it and fix my soundbar so it is entirely within anyone's capacities!!!

  • Ah cheers, I'm up north in Leeds though unfortunately. I have a gas soldering iron which is kinda working, but not that well. Will probably just end up buying a cheap soldering iron anyway.

    My issue with the resistor is that it's so fucked I can't tell what its rating is, I can't find a wiring diagram online, and pictures of the boards online aren't much clearer.

  • Aren't the stripes the key to the resistor's rating? Let me Google that...

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  • Yeah - but they're burned off on my one, and I'm not sure I'd feel confident using the 7 pixels on that image!

  • Ah, I see what you mean... Yours is really fucked...

  • Continuity tested the motor, all good, just gonna order a new board as some of the diodes look a bit fucked but they're more of an arse to test. I feel like a bloody legend tbh. Until the new part arrives and it doesn't work, obvs.

  • You’ll need a soldering iron, solder sucker and some solder. That’ll come to more than £20 if you don’t already have those things so you might as well just replace the board.

  • I have all those things, but I've just ordered a new board anyway. I can always try and fix the old one and keep as a spare.

  • If anyone is based in the Cardiff area, the Hard Lines cold coffee is well worth a try (pick up or delivered).

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  • Can you desolder it and check the bands underneath the resistor where they might still be intact?

  • I've ordered the new part anyway - so I'll be able to see the required resistor on the new board.
    And tbh, the guy at was super helpful on the phone with advice for fault finding. I feel satisfied enough that I've located the fault and ordered the new part. Also ordered a replacement pump for my Gaggia while I was at it.

    The PCB is on back order, but pump should be in the post today.

  • Got the newsletter this week about that - don't think I can get it delivered to London..

  • This is such a cool idea!

  • If you like home roasting and you want a new toy that’s the gadget to get for sure.

  • I can’t remember if I’ve asked this before - has anyone tried to plumb their Gaggia Classic (or similar) into the mains water instead of keep filling the tank manually? Or have you seen it on the internet?

    I’ve been thinking how this might be possible now I have a permanent spot for my machine in my new kitchen but I don’t think it’s straightforward. I think it needs to use the existing tank with a float to shut the supply off. I don’t think I can go directly to the boiler inlet just as it is because the pump OPV needs to dump off the bypassed water somewhere. If I went direct, I think I’d need to add a second solenoid to prevent the 2 Bar of mains pressure pushing through the system, and the OPV would probably have to dump it’s water directly into the waste. How do permanently plumbed-in domestic machines like the built-in Krups etc usually do this?

  • I’ve thought about float valves etc but none of it has ever seemed reasonably feasible without it being over complicated for a kitchen. If you want to save the to and fro you could plumb water to it and fit an in-line ball stop and just use it to pour into the reservoir when it needs filling. Speedfit 3/8” would be good for this.

  • I think @hippy 's Rancilio is plumbed in

  • So I went to my local coffee place to replace the basket on OH's portafilter, was gonna buy her an IMS like I've got... None in stock! But they did have the VST on the shelf so we both got an upgrade!

    Man, coffee really gushes out of that thing, gonna have to go way finer on my grind... So many more holes, the bottom of that thing is so much bigger!!

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  • Decided to take my Gaggia apart while I waited for a new pump. Fuck me, I couldn’t face taking photos it was so dirty inside. Gave it a massive scrub down, taking the group head, boiler etc apart. Managed to get all the shite off. Found the reason the portafilter was hard to get in was because of a slipped gasket.
    Had another look at the pump, took it all apart again, managed to fiddle some more with the valve that was getting stuck, reassembled it and, lo and behold it’s working like a charm.

    Bit annoying to have stumped up £20 for a new pump but at least I’ll have it on hand when the current one does actually die.


  • It is, but it's designed to be. Gaggia is a tank-fill so you'd need to sort out extra valving. I don't think I'd want to try it - could end up being an expensive leak if it fails.

  • Is anyone using one of these Hario copper V02's?
    They look so beautiful, but wondering what coffee actually tastes like compared to a porcelain one..

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  • I thought I'd share a photo of my current set up.

    Getting my kitchen redone so now have more space to get set up properly.

    ECM Synchronika & grinder, purchased from Doppio Coffee in London.

    Asked for a the front panel to be powdercoated anthracite and ECM were ok with it, so that's the only machine like this out if the factory!

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  • I don’t think there should be any taste difference between ceramic, metal or plastic V60s.

    Aesthetics, durability and heat retention are the only differences I’m aware of. Some good stuff on the latter here:­­plastic_vs_ceramic_v60/

  • Thank you for that link.

    I definitely experienced quite a taste difference when going from a plastic (non-Hario) pourover, to a porcelain one. To be fair it was a "cheap" plastic one. Porcelain one was a lot "cleaner".
    Aesthetics wise the copper one is an absolute win for me.
    Heat retention I'm not really sure whether that actually makes a big difference with a quick method like Hario V60 to be honest (also just doing one large mug at a time so it all goes down even quicker)..
    Durability wise the copper ones dent fairly easily I've seen (almost bought a second hand one which apparently had been dropped before, had quite a dent in the rim : ) main consideration really is taste (and price obviously, but I'm willing to pay the high price if it really tastes nice)..

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Coffee Appreciation

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