Coffee Appreciation

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  • Mine is still going strong after 1.5 years, haven't even changed the battery yet and it's showing no signs of wear. Has survived the occasional spill and seen plenty of use in the kitchen too. I've probably jinxed it now and it will die next week.

  • Does your Hario do this slow response/display higher weight and then count back down thing?

    Just picked this up last week but don’t remember a friends one doing this when I borrowed them. Not that it’s a big deal.

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  • Yes, especially when I drop things in from a bit of a height. Less so when I slide them in, if that makes sense.

  • Oh great, as long as it’s not faulty.

    I probably thought it was a much better scale when it was a free long term loan, than when I paid for it! 😅

  • "The espresso scale is built with anodized aluminum. Its electronic parts inside and the LED display with a water-resistant spray to prevent water damage.
    With an ultra-fast response time and high accuracy, you'll be able to track consistency across all of your espresso shots."

    It's talking the talk.

    I hope it doesn't require an app to run.

  • It's fucking brilliant... There is an app but I don't know how to use it, and you don't need it anyway... They seem to be designed for drippers...

    For espresso?

    I had a tiny bit of buyer's remorse until it arrived, love it...

  • I want it for espresso, yeah. Weighing the beans/grounds not so much the final shot like they seem to be doing.

  • They’ve had one at my local coffee shop for a few years and it’s great. Cringe sentence warning: Like if Apple made a coffee scale.

    I’m usually really great at convincing myself to spend money on things but have never been able to manage it when it comes to a scale. Like 27g is 27g.

    ...but then I don’t make espresso, if I did I reckon I could do it.

  • Only made one cup so far but it tastes pretty great, need to adjust the brew a little.

    Out of curiosity what’s the length of time you use for Aeropress?

  • About a minute. Can't remember where from (probably Hoffman) but I read its better to keep the brew time lower to stop bitter elements extracting and up the dose if you want it to taste stronger. Glad you like it though!

  • My first foray into sugru territory. Works pretty good but I think a simpler vertical piece might be a bit more adaptable, though I can easily brace against the lower bit of the three sided pyramid with my thumb too.

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  • Such a great use of sugru! Might have to try this myself. The thumb grip on the Kinu m47 looks to be a good shape

  • Thanks, the possibilities are staggering...

  • That scale is explicitly for weighing and timing your shot, if you're not doing that I wouldn't bother and get something cheaper instead...

  • I know what you mean about buying for the long term, I hate buying stuff that I know won't last. This is what I got, I hope it works for a long time.­pe_3034960_236394800_TE_3p_dp_1
    Otherwise it's back to the brass scales - shrug

  • Just thought that this might be better suited, it’s still kind of “$fuckloads” but less so.

    Felicita incline scale

    They have 3 different models:­ta-coffee-scales-review

  • So are the amped prices basically a reflection of water resistance/memory/yadayada for these things or is there a qualitative difference between these and what I linked to?

  • I think it's mainly fashion (and economy of scale)... The Acaia is very sturdy, beautifully designed and made in very small numbers, ergo £€¥$!!! 🤑🤑🤑

    The one you linked to is probably a generic model that is produced by the truckload then sold with a variety of different brand logos on them... Will be more than adequate for weighing beans but no espresso timer, right?

  • No, no timer on it but it's been perfect for my purposes.

  • My grind is slightly too fine right now but this is what it does for me, still tasted great... Really love it when drunk purchases don't bite you in the arse...

  • Definitely some aesthetic tax but according to Acaia the load cell they use is the type you’d find in a lab balance. That plus the water resistance, auto tare and auto start.

    They are also “smart” scales, so have Bluetooth and connect to apps that record the flow rate and can save and load recipes/pour sequences. But as Hoffman’s video shows, they mostly work terribly, have really bad UI design and do people really want such complex features anyway?

  • I’m usually really great at convincing myself to spend money on things but have never been able to manage it when it comes to a scale. Like 27g is 27g.

    But to sum up, I’m a liar and just ordered the Felicita Incline. Thanks @hippy 😅

    @nefarious would you like to buy the Hario from me? 2 weeks old and happy to pass the sweet deal I got on them and just cover the cost + postage. £22.50 + postage?

  • Yeah I just use what is colloquially known as “drugs scales”, which, as the name suggests are usually used for weighing coins and jewellery. 0.1g accuracy and 500g capacity, so good enough for dosing beans and can take the added weight of a cup for weighing the shot. Also very small for easy storage and thin so you can get it under the portafilter. No timer, need the smartphone for that. I have this:­cales/on-balance-truweigh-2-mini-scales.­html

    I think fancy scales make more sense for pour-over, where you’re actually trying to hit a pour rate?

  • Hmm, I'm going to be that person but if nefarious isn't interested in the Hario scales then I would be. My generic kitchen scales are getting worse at giving consistent measurements so have been considering getting some new ones for a while.

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Coffee Appreciation

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