Coffee Appreciation

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  • That sounds cute, but it doesn't reflect reality

  • That's how you end up with ground coffee

  • Maybe try reading it again hun.

  • I was on the Ember website, the Ember² is £149.
    I see the older version is on on eBay for about £50, but still... indeed!

  • So, my Iberital MC2 might have given up the ghost. Even with just a dozen beans in the hopper it jams, and the motor seems to lock. Have taken it apart and given it a damn good clean, all to no avail. It’s about 8-9 years old, and despite pissing coffee grinds all over the worktop because of the crappy chute, it’s been faultless.

    I’m not the greatest when it comes to electrics, is it fubared? It’s not exactly the right time to start laying out dosh on a new grinder.

  • Could be the starting capacitor on the motor. Don’t go buying one based on my unqualified advice but if you know how to test it or can get someone to have a look then that might be it.

  • Ok, thanks Steve. It does start Ok, but then bogs down before jamming. Did a little bit of Googling so understand what job the starting capacitor does. But if the motor starts to slow is another job of the capacitor to get it to pick up the pace again?

  • An update. I took it apart again, this time I took the grinder star off. The underside is a bit chewed up, gave it a clean and rubbed a pencil over the contact point with the shaft (graphite is a dry lube), and it seems to have worked. I'll order a new star which (hopefully) will be a permanent fix.

  • Six years, three house moves and now clearing the loft of stuff I finally found that box of NotNeutral mugs I knew I had. They’re twice the bloody price now!

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  • @StevePeel - how much longer are you staying open for roasting and shipping? For those of us at home increasing our home based caffeine consumption, are you better off if we order more now or later? Basically - what can we do to help keep you going?

  • +1 to this.

    I've got enough for another week or so.

    Do you deliver to Ireland?

  • I've just been into brixton and brought some beans from federation and brockwell blend, to keep me going as my home coffee consumption goes through the roof. Also have a couple of bags in the shopping cart from bourbon which I'm waiting to pull the trigger on.

  • @StevePeel are you still open / have stock? Happy to make an order if you are.

  • They are still open for mail order

    Email from @StevePeel last night

    It’s all systems go right now, we’re pretty snowed under with demand. We’re continuing with mail order until we’re forced to stay home. Only issue might be the courier network creaking.

  • Well, the Robot has earned a place in my kitchen.
    Got the sans gauge version and use the naked portafilter exclusively, no problems. I've settled on 16 grams in and haven't weighed the output, but taste and visuals tell me it's a fine double shot of coffee that the Cafelat can produce. Duralex Picardie in the 90ml size is a perfect match.
    Once again Mr Hoffmann was instrumental in swaying someone's coffee decision.
    : )

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  • Hi all!

    I have 630g of "Sainsbury's Espresso Beans" that are going spare.

    The roast is way too dark for me. Can't get on with it.

    Contactless pick up from New Cross SE14 5DB.

    Also the free Scrabble 4x espresso cup set is still available

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  • Sainsbury's Espresso Beans" that are going spare.
    The roast is way too dark for me. Can't get on with it

    I mean, what were you expecting?

  • LOL, I always think it's going to be decent but then it's too dark. I have builders in at the moment so didn't want to treat them to something too nice since their pricing strategy isn't nice either.

    I gave away 2kg of coffee last March that I bought in Jordan. And 1kg from Canada the year before.

    Just need to stick to @StevePeel YBCR !

  • Got my YBCR delivery yesterday!

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  • So glad to see YBCR doing so well in these circumstances. Testament to what Steve’s built there!

  • Looks great. Very jealous!

  • @StevePeel So have you stopped roasting now?

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Coffee Appreciation

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