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  • It wasn't long ago they spent a large amount of money on an advertising campaign showing off that they've trained their barista's to do latte art.

  • I can't imagine brewing that sort of thing in a shop, nor how frequently they'd be broken when being washed!

    Regarding the cloth filters, I've been led to believe it's just a case of washing them after use and storing them in water. Is that basically bollocks and they actually need a fair bit more work to keep fresh?

  • Thanks for the info! I've ordered one with the paper filter attachment so at least have a backup if the cloth filter is a massive pain in the arse.

  • No it’s true, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Even with rigorous cleaning it’s likely that you will get mould it mildew. You have to use them regularly to avoid this.imo

  • You can easily re-use the paper filters if you don't mind rinsing them all the time, I find 2 paper filters make a nice clean cup of coffee, have been using the same 2 filters for a couple of weeks now

  • Hey, got my $400 moka pot today and it works!
    Took two tries, apparently it needs super high heat to go.
    Haven't tried the Hasbean yet, sticking to my preferred over-roasted Italian shit.
    9Barista recommends 20 grams, I'll probably do less.
    Used the same grind as regular moka, a little coarser than espresso.
    Very tasty.

  • Oh interesting.

    Is it more espresso like than the mokka pot?

  • Much more, pretty much as advertised.

  • Probs reeee. but may be of interest:­HCI

  • If anyone wants some filter beans, Quarter Horse in Birmingham is doing a deal today 5 x 250g bags for 25 pounds. Pretty good value.­ns/beans/products/5-for-25?mc_cid=abb162­7ea3&mc_eid=aded9840bd

  • If you want paper, I have a pack I can post you for P&P.

  • I had a filter coffee from SCP in Bristol yesterday, they used the Clever Dripper. Such a nice cup from it.
    From what she said, it’s much more easier to get a consistent brew than using a V60 and is cleaner than the Aeropress. I get that and am going to buy one.

  • Not sure I agree on the V60 point. Ifyou want cleaner, you can double up on your Aeropress filters (which can be washed and re-used if you wish), or go for an alternative method with thicker filters such as the Chemex.

    I don't think there's a single 'best' filter brewing method.

  • I mean, aside from Siphon, obviously ;)

    On a completely unrelated note, upgraded coffee station:

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  • I've been using a clever dripper for a while. Way better than an aeropress.

    Can also get a Hario v60 with a similar mechanism with the advantage being it takes v60 filters.

  • I never really got on with the Clever Dripper but it's the same as all things coffee, get the variables right and it'll taste good. Grind size, grind weight, water amount, water temperature and you'll get something decent. Personally I find a bit too easy to overbrew with.

  • I have a couple of codes from 9Barista if anyone is interested, £15 off for you at checkout and £15 for me.

  • I met the owner of Cappuvino in Lancaster today, sounds like an ace newish coffee place and he said their beans come from Yellow Bourbon... prompting high fives all around. Will pay a visit next time I'm up that way.

  • Cool, wonder if they can break the Atkinsons stronghold. Their new Lancaster Castle cafe is awesome.

  • They'll be roasting beans too apparently, and have some ex-Atkinsons staff on the team he said.

  • Exciting times. There was an Atkinsons London cafe rumour a few months ago, don't know if there's been any movement.

  • I'm in Costa Rica with Atkinsons owner Ian Steel right now, lovely guy. We were sat in a restaurant when the video for Blue Monday came on TV and it turns out he'd animated and produced in his former life in TV. Cappuvino are doing great, I got to know Miguel their coffee guy on another origin trip, that's where the wholesale relationship came about. Also here with Tom from Redbank - Lancastrians are spoilt for good coffee.

  • Awesome, happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

    The clever is great as ita a combo brewer, you can use it as a flow method, ala the v60 or a soak akin to a cafetiere.

    The big benefit is that its no fuss, coffee/water/leave for a couple of mins, done.

  • I changed filters and now I hate my clever dripper. The Rombauts filters you can get from sainsburys seem to clog every time no matter how coarse I grind (using an aergrind) Highly do not recommend those papers. I wonder if this is why +Sumo found it too easy to over brew?

    You can squash a Hario paper in there instead which works much better even though it looks a bit funny because Hario is a cone and the clever is flat. Seems that they recommend a kalita 103 filter which is hard to get over here.

    I would like to try a technivorm filter and it seems some people recommend filtropa filters but for now I'm just going to go back to Hario papers.

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Coffee Appreciation

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