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  • I want to avoid buying new :((

  • Fair play.

  • I have a very old one tbh you'd need to triggers broom it by which point you might as well buy a new one.

  • I'm trying to remember the name of a very tiny London coffee roaster; I swear I've passed it walking near Waterloo or Southwark stations and it's tucked under a bridge somewhere. It doesn't have a cafe attached and is just a window with the name stencilled on it and coffee sacks piled up inside I think - very bare bones and might be wholesale only. No particular reason, I just remember passing it and saying 'I'll have to see if I can try that some time' last year and now I'm annoyed it immediately fell out of my brain. Anyone have any clue?

  • I could lend you mine for a while in exchange for a mokka pot or a French press? I still need something to make coffee in!

  • Ha! I have ikea french press lol might just use that tbh, we have those hot water taps in here

  • By flat iron square? Think it's the Colombian Café or something similar. Not 100% it's still there.

  • @StevePeel whatever happened to your espresso martini rig? Did you ever get that working to your satisfaction?

  • No, that went out on the pavement for the scrap metal wombles last weekend funnily enough. The machine would have still been a bit of a turd even when fully fit, I had no time to do it and I had to make space for the Opera machine. All that plus I did an outside catering job which reminded me why I don’t like doing outside catering jobs so I wouldn’t have got the espresso martini thing off the ground in any case.

    That being said, we did a cocktail night in the shop at the end of September and it was great fun. Espresso martinis and caipirinhas, Brazilian music, capoeira dancers, all that, so we’ll do more shop based stuff like that. We’ll do an El Salvador thing in December.

  • Just looked this up on Google Streetview and although it feels like the right area (because it's likely I was going towards Borough Market when I spotted it) it doesn't look like the shopfront I had in my head and seems bigger than I remember. Probably is that one though to be honest so thank you for letting me know I didn't dream it.

  • It took a while, but my set-up is as good as perfect now. Only thing that's left is sorting out the wiring mess under the table and moving from a breadboard to a a soldered prototyping board and putting it in a neat case with connectors.

    So it's a PID controlled La Pavoni Europiccola pre-millenium and a Compak K6. Small gubbins I made for myself are a stainless steel scoop to scoop the grinds out of the 3D-printed nozzle replacing the doser. And a 3D-printed tamper, suspended in a ring resting on the basket to ensure level tamping every time. I'm a big fan of the Hario timer / scale combination, as I'm constantly switching beans it helps me stay on top of grind settings.

    The purple glow underneath are grow-LEDs for an Ikea Växer based hydroponics garden, controlled to be in sync with sunset and sunrise.

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  • ^ Strong coffee game

    hydroponics garden

    Doping thread >>>>>>>>>

  • anyone got a space v60 filter thingy hanging about they don't want?

  • Plastic V60 thingys cost less than a bag of coffee brand new.

  • But plastic. Better to rehome than buy new if possible?

  • Yes, but it's also likely to last you a lifetime.

  • I'm going to be in Glasgow regularly. Any recommendations for good coffee places in city centre (near central station)?

  • Yes - Laboratorio Espresso as a first port of call. Shout if you think you're going to be venturing out further...

  • Thanks, will check it out. Will mainly be between central station and Pacific Quay.

  • Anyone got a coffee grinder recommendation for house use with my baby gaggia machine?

  • There's a whole bunch upthread - I have a Helor 101 that works for my purposes.

  • Already sold on anti-static... my current wilfa is the messiest bloody thing

  • The Wilfa Svart? I used to have one and that grinds compartment drove me crazy.

    Built in scale sounds like a good idea too.

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Coffee Appreciation

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