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  • Yeah, spelling is as never my strong point.

    He owns all or parts of a fair few businesses as well as a cafe, and publishing royalties etc.

  • I can close my eyes and the third wave stuff still tastes like shit.

  • **SOLD TO @Jonny69 **

    Anyone after an Aeropress?

    Used 3 times only, just not for me.
    Has gone through 2 house moves so the box is bashed, I misplaced the funnel thing, coffee spoon and stirrer.

    Comes with a big bunch of filters.

    You get what you see in the photo!

    New these are £30 then filters £5 so would like SOLD for £20 posted.

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  • Just backed this:­120647/peak-water-coffee-brewing-elevate­d

    Water filter specifically designed for coffee brewing - with an adjustable filter to tailor it to your water

    Dredge time.
    Have you got your filter yet Dan? I know they have started filling Kickstarter orders and they are offering pre orders for everyone else. I'm considering one as the water is very hard where I live but want to hear some real reviews of it.

  • strategic tear on that box

  • Yeah I’d like that. Pming you...

  • No not yet, I thought ETA was more like sept/Oct from what I remember of the last update.

  • Ok cheers. I know there have been a few delays already so that isn't surprising.

  • I see the appeal of it and was offered it one Christmas.

    To be fair to the Aeropress, it does make a decent cup and you can fit a Porlex in it.

  • Electric kettle with some kind of built in anti scale system.
    Does such a thing exist?

  • Theres a few that have brita filters built in. I think I prefer to just have a seperate brita jug though.

  • Something like that. Thanks a lot!
    I can see it makes sense with a seperate filter though. We just have so many jugs already.

  • Brita filters mean you have to wait for the kettle to fill though, which is stupendously annoying in my (impatient) experience

  • Taiwanese coffee - very light, little bitter, much like a strong dark tea

    From these guys -

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  • Bought a stainless steel filter for my V60 to save buying paper forever a little while ago. Been changing the way I brew to fit.

    However the coffee has been horrible ever since. Has anyone ever made a good coffee with a stainless pour over? What am I doing wrong?

  • I don't think there is a way, unfortunately - metal filters never taste great. The Swiss gold ones are better, but even they aren't perfect and seem to get worse over time - until eventually they need to be chucked, which seems environmentally worse than using lots of paper that can at least be recycled. At least that's how I worked it out

  • Has anyone ever done an environmental impact breakdown of a cup of coffee? I reckon the paper filter is the least of your worries. Would be interesting to know though.

  • Oh totally. I'm always interested in saving the planet, but there's also the cost, which will pay off quickly, plus the convenience of never accidentally running out of paper. And never accidentally spilling liquid on the stack you just bought ruining them all.

  • Update
    Considerable improvement by brewing at far too low a temperature and too coarse a grind. Still not a great coffee. But I have renewed enthusiasm. A more scientific process may ensue over the coming weeks.

    Register interest in my findings and I will share. I feel like this is a similar situation to a question I asked someone a while ago though...

    ME: Pat, my new disc brakes squeal, how does one stop disc brakes squealing?

    OLI: (butting in whilst slowing down effectively in the wet on a >20 year old mountain bike) Get rim brakes.

    PAT: (no reply)

  • Sort of this. But have cotton filters which work for me. Sometimes a pain to clean, sometimes not, so not a perfect solution.

  • Not done one personally, but I used to do lifecycle assessment (LCA) professionally and I’ve read a fair few about food and drink. With coffee I seem to remember it’s extremely water intensive. The little bit that you boil to make your cup of coffee is just a tiny fraction of the total water used in the process.

    Paper filters, like any paper product, are quite energy intensive for what they are and very water intensive in production. If they’re bleached, there are also environmental issues with chlorine if an oxy bleach is not used. In terms of waste, they will just compost with food waste at any municipal composting plant so it’s not an issue.

    My personal opinion is it’s a small addition to an already intensive flow, which already uses a lot of energy and water. I’d suggest that if a filter paper weighs 2-3g, it probably adds 5-10% to the total environmental impact, tops.

  • Interesting, though I'd assumed it would be less than 5%.

    Always remember the "fact" about cooking rice. It's better to buy uncle ben's pre cooked rice (which comes packaged in horrible plasticy bag thing) and heat it in the microwave than buy basmati by the 5kg and it boil up a serving each time.

    For this reason, brown rice, which takes like 20-30 mins to cook, is the worst rice to buy if you want to save the planet.

  • Rice Appreciation thread >>>>>>>>>

  • Heading up to Edinburgh for the Fringe and wondered if anyone has any tips for new coffee spots?

    Been a few times so will be heading to Fortitude, Cult and Cairngorm but keen to check out some new spots so recommendations welcome!


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Coffee Appreciation

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