Coffee Appreciation

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  • I've come across them in a fair few coffee shops, a few kitchen shops (Steamer Trading Cookshop in particular) I've been to also stock them but not always obvious, always worth asking.

  • Also LMNH on Old St and I'm fairly sure Prufrock on Leather Lane


    Use plant based biodegradable plastic.

  • I've just remembered the Ancoats Coffee I get is in cardboard box & biodegradeable bag. Box is letterbox shape too.

  • Cheers all - on further investigation HasBean's outer packaging can also be recycled for anyone interested.­g

  • Are other hand grinders faster than the Hario Slim, or are they all basically the same apart from ergonomics?

  • basically the same

    To a degree the same, the only way to grind faster would be larger burr area or higher rpm.

    (I think)

  • Want it faster? Someone makes an adapter so that you can hook it up to the chuck of a power drill...

  • The high-end hand grinders promising bigger burrs are quite pricey

    Has anyone used a drill setup and got on with it?

  • Drill setup definitely doesn't work.

    The expensive hand grinders (james hoffman has a video if you search the tube) are all pretty good and pretty fast, unless you're trying to do an espresso grind. I have an aergrind and it does an aeropress grind of 15g of coffee in about a minute.

    Hand grinder is only going to be fast enough for 1-2 cups though. Wilfa Svart or Baratza Encore are the cheapest options if you want to go faster/do more.

  • Wilfa Svart or Baratza Encore

    what great names

  • Drill setup definitely doesn't work.


    Used the adapter posted by @Howard a few posts up there with a Porlex, as well as a Rhino (which doesn't need an adapter as the handle attaches with a hex bit) for around 4 years now. Perfectly usable setup.

    In my experience it's about 40-50 seconds for 15-16 grams of espresso grind.

  • Drill set up also working perfectly for me for several years

  • he actually did it the absolute madman­SQo

    @ above posters. Have used a Commandante hand grinder when working in a cafe. Quite satisfying to use, but not especially fast. Have a Porlex mini which is generally used for picnics, much fiddlier and doesn't sound as nice but still decent. Attached a drill to it once and almost rounded off the hex shaft top, so don't try it without a special adaptor like linked earlier...

  • I just watched one of his videos on appearance of modern espresso. He was talking quite a lot about old-school espresso we used to make 10-15 years ago and the darker roasted coffee we used compared to today's lighter roasts. Quite a lot of interesting points about the quantity of coffee we used to use, how that resulted in needing a darker roast and why that method now doesn't make a good espresso with a modern light roast.

  • The Porlex has a pentagonal bit, not a hex bit. Hence the need for an adapter. The Rhino by comparison, has a hex bit on top, so can be used without an adapter.

  • Well if it works for you I take it back and tip my hat.

  • Use a 5-sided security skewer in your drill. They’re shit for security but gr9 4 covevfe grindin

  • I've not watched the V60 video yet but boy am I looking forward to it. One of the very, very few YouTubers who I'd consider backing on Patreon. Even just a couple of quid a month. I take great pleasure in watching his videos.

  • Link? Maybe that's why I hate modern espresso... nah, probably not.

  • srsly though, Mr Hoffman of Hoffman industries doesn't need sponsorship.

  • Yeah, I would support James if I could afford it. But also, he owns Square Mile right? I do appreciate how distinct he keeps that side of things from the channel though. Like he uses Square Mile coffees in the videos but deliberately never shows the label.

    @mmccarthy that explains a lot, bleh

    @Jonny69 check out his WBC voiceover, as I recall he was one of the first people to use single origin coffees in competition (for espresso).

    @Matisse hoffmann*, two n's

    @withered_preacher probably "why is modern espresso so ugly"

  • lol worth the wait. Dumped out my cup of cold brew to try.
    Though I am not doing a single stir with a teaspoon...

  • I don’t care how it looks as much as how the modern stuff tastes like caffeinated lemonade.

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Coffee Appreciation

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