Coffee Appreciation

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  • There isn't a tipping point, and by pay more I mean, be willing to buy away from the big brands ans be willing to pay more for a cup of coffee.

    It's obvious that you do both, so that's a great start.

    beyond that, its a good rule of thumb that coffees that are more traceable will usually cost more to buy (and so the farmer is paid more), so stick to them rather than blends.

    This really is a mine field though so the best thing you can do is research and or ask q's of your chosen roaster, if you're not happy with their ethics, then move on.

  • sometimes, it will depend on the buyer and and the context for the country its bought in. What we may see as a fair price might be a fortune at origin. I know Steve at Hasbean well, He's done well from his business but works with the farmers as business, trade not aid. The farmers will set the price they see as fair, Hasbean can be trusted to have paid above Cost Of production and into the profit making territory for their green coffee.

  • That's good to hear; thanks.

    I've had a subscription with Has Bean for a few years.

  • It's obvious that you do both, so that's a great start.

    I'm trying, ta. Also spreading the coffee-gospel but that is very hard work.

    Defo glad I have been using hasbean more again given your other reply on this.

  • And drink your purchased cups in a shop, not using disposable materials.

  • Family camping means playing with my travel brew options. Already wired.

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  • ask q's of your chosen roaster, if you're not happy with their ethics, then move on.

    Great post, thanks. Couldn’t agree with you more 👏

  • Interesting, wonder if the US premium instant companies are looking to expand into Europe and we'll see more collaborations like that?

  • Chuffing expensive though, when you consider you’d be using around 85-90p worth of grounds, tops, of even a premium coffee in an espresso or pour over.

  • Plus the disposable envelopes.

  • Yes, and we'll see a few UK/EU based versions too

  • Expensive for sure, but if they taste good I'd be willing to buy a few sachets to take camping if it was just for a short break (I think more than 5 nights I'd blanch at the cost).

  • I went through this exercise last year before a weeklong touring trip. I ended up with the Starbucks instant - which rates pretty highly in the grand scheme of various tastings - and is far easier and cheaper to source. It was good enough to get me going until I could find the nearest cafe to the camp site.

  • Can anyone recommend a coffee subscription that’s packaged in recyclable materials?

    I had been looking at HasBean but I think the bags that the coffee bag itself is posted in can’t be recycled. Trying to do my bit - any tips appreciated.

  • Be interested if there's owt like this. I think some cafe wholesale suppliers deliver bulk in re-usable 'bins' but I'm not aware of owt like that for retail.

  • Monmouth coffee use paper bags and I'm sure they have a subscription option.

  • My local whomst I have never tried but seem good package their stuff in natty tins:

    Which are pretty reusable, not sure how recyclable. Think the idea is that you rock up at your local with a tin for refilling.

  • Perky Blenders make a point that their coffee packaging is biodegradable (once you cut the plastic valve out and recycle it) and I'm pretty sure last time I got an order from them it arrived in an ordinary cardboard box, no padded envelope like Hasbean use. Not sure Monmouth do offer a subscription but their mail order packaging is pleasingly all card/paper as has been said.

    (I do think that the bags Hasbean use if you're just getting one bag of coffee at a time are recyclable plastic by the way, but if you get more than one at once they switch it to the padded plastic/paper envelope.)

  • Do any shops sell Aeropress filters or is online my only real option?

  • Where are you based? Off Tottenham court road Penny drop sell them.

  • Cheers that's perfect for me

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Coffee Appreciation

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