Coffee Appreciation

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  • Picked up Square Mile "Amaluza" (I'm a loser?) and it is delicious via v60. Tasty brews incoming for a week or two.

  • Any recommendations for workplace coffee? Bean to cup preferred, would receive fairly heavy usage. We’re currently paying around £500 a month for a pretty bad machine - would we be able to get a bean-to-cup machine with that?

  • We have one of these at our work.­ego/597

    Do not get this, terrible coffee (although may just be the Douwe Egbert Espresso beans_ and overly messy, does about 80 - 120 cups a day I think and if it's not cleaned/cleared regularly will clog up and shit coffee grounds everywhere!

    Would much prefer a Technivorm Moccamaster for some coffee than this monstrosity, if you can get a trial of something, do, would love to know what other people have for coffee at work!

  • We have a couple of La Cimbali m1s at work. Just set up to do espresso and americano. They're quoted at 150 cups a day but I imagine ours do closer to 300.

  • We have an enormous nespresso machine. One made for hotels. There are twelve of us.
    It is a nespresso machine. It makes me sad that we have an 8000quid coffee machine and it is nespresso. I suppose it is reliable

  • I do like a nespresso coffee, it is clean and tidy and taste is consistent. I wish it was waste free tho which has stopped me getting one myself.

  • I have another Gaggia New Baby 06 in Black for sale!

    I owned 2x Gaggia Baby and I have just brought it back from France.

    The only modification was an upgraded shower screen. The rest is original.

    It comes with a brand new Brita in-tank filter (not fitted), single & double basket, new spare rubber gasket, plastic tamper, measuring coffee spoon.

    It works well and I am after £75.

    Priority to these people who shown interest to the previous one.
    @broken_777 - @Victorrr - @Acliff

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  • Is the Baby a Classic in a different box?

  • Internet says internals are mostly the same:­chines/659963

    Video showing differences here:­ao8

  • Photos now added! £75 takes it away, comes with a brand new Brita in-tank filter which is £10 on its own.

    I have just cleaned the machine in/out, including the 3 way solenoid valve which was removed, stripped and cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.

    Great starter machine!­

    (Priority to @Acliff - @broken_777 - @Victorrr who all showed interest in the other one I sold)

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  • Props to Woof Coffee in Teddington. I bought some ground beans from them but when I went to use it it was ground waaaay too coarse. No good for espresso. We had a good nerdy talk about coffee and he ran me a whole fresh batch through his main grinder instead of the little one.

  • I think there are some subtle differences. Steam wand and group head look the same. That bolt at the back of the picture is in the same position. Shower screen, portafilters and plastic included tamper look the same.

  • That's a damn good deal. I got a Gaggia Classic as my first machine and it was a wonderful little thing!

    In other news, finally got myself a 'proper' grinder (a Baratza Sette), quite looking forward to seeing a jump in quality (hopefully!) over my trusty Porlex that I've been using for the past decade.

  • Does anyone have Classic that want to shift around?

  • I’m guessing that once the steam valve tap on a Classic starts dripping right out of the tap itself once you open the valve a couple of turns, then it is fubared and non serviceable?

    Have descaled a couple of times with no joy.

  • no milk drink. just 'spresso.

  • Plenty of strip down videos around. Parts are available.

    When mine needed some love I was told anarchistbarrista on Insta could repair but I ended up DIYing it, blown thermo resister that killed the thermo fuse.

  • Nice! Which version of the Sette did you get? I bought a 270 second hand last year and did the front panel upgrade to make it a 270 wi.
    It's been great so far.

  • Went for the standard 270, was going to go for the 30 originally with a view to upgrade to the stepless adjustment assembly from the 270. Turns out that would just make it a more expensive version of the 270 with more plastic bits...

    It's currently sat in Ireland where I'm moving so won't be able to report back until Thursday, but should be good!

    Is the grind retention as low as they say it is? Ideally I'd be just popping a shots worth of beans in at a time and grinding the whole lot.

  • Should just be the pad seal in the tap, usually pretty straightforward to dismantle. If you can get the seal out without destroying it you can just turn it around and reinstall.

    Edit, not that straightforward it turns out, but doable. Good guide here.­/gaggia-classic-owners-leaking-steam-val­ve/

  • X-posting from home brew, anyone made coffee wine before? Just started 2.5l cold brew so I can try & make a small batch.­

  • Single dosing is fine as the retention is very low. However that does cut out the weighing part of the appeal. It is quite nice just pressing a button and knowing you'll get 18.0 grams dumped into your portfilter.
    The Wi upgrade is really cheap and only takes about 20 mins. (Edit I might be confusing the 270 and the 270W)

  • Yup, the regular 270 doesn't have the weighing capability (to be honest, being able to set the grind time to 1/100th second, I'm sure it'd be relatively reliable). Though with the burr setup of the Sette, I'm hoping there's basically no retention. Maybe it's just something that's sticking with me for using a hand-grinder for so long!

  • Cheers Steve. I think I might have to just continue with the occasional hot drip on my wrist while I check the temp of the jug.

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Coffee Appreciation

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