Coffee Appreciation

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  • Not tried the ESE pods yet but tempted by the zero mess, I've modded my Dedica steam wand for a Silvia jobby, replacing the Panneralo (sp.) that it comes with gives a great froth for a Cappuccino but you won't get any Latte art out of it, although, to be fair, I've not managed to get any Latte art since the mod, lol!

  • I second that motion!

  • ESE pods or nespresso type pods?

  • @Bernhard Srsly tho.. fuck pods!

    3g of virtually non-recyclable packaging, 90%ish of which ends up incinerated or in landfill, per 6g of coffee. Oooh but it's so convenient!!­5927

  • ESE pods are made from paper....

    I've never tried them. TBH, there is still far more packaging involved in buying coffee for an espresso machine that has been prepacked into individual paper pods and shipped in a box, rather than just buying a 250g bag of coffee and tamping it yourself. They are not in the same league as nespresso pods. You can get compostable nespresso pods too though -­presso-compatible-compostable-coffee-pod­s/products/nespresso-compatible-coffee-p­ods-signature-blend

  • 7 grams? Austerity coffee?

  • Brexit special. You'll be lucky to get 7g a week once the ration cards get handed out.

  • You'll be lucky to get 7g of instant granules a week once the ration cards get handed out.


  • lucky to get 7g of instant granules you won't be able to afford a machine you can throw the instant straight in your muzzle though and gargle with some lukewarm water ensuring the perfect gulp

  • Looking forward to my good old English Nescafe Original to go with my Yorkshire tea.

  • Yeah, I've even bought compostable and refillable pods for friends who own Nespresso machines so they can try them out but they always go back to the aluminium ones. What percentage of total pods used are niche manufactured and environmentally friendly? I think the big issue is the prevalence of them in almost every office and client room now.. I've seen entire bins filled with pods in a single day for just one floor. Nobody is accountable or even notices. 300,000,000 are used in the U.K annually.

    I'd never heard of ESE pods before. Couldn't someone just use a calibrated tamper? I would have thought that and a basic grinder would make much nicer espresso. Arghhh.

  • I think we can agree that nespresso aluminium pods should be banned from the earth.

    The ESE pods are good for the type of people who don't want to grind, dose, tamp - all of which require some coffee knowledge/effort and you can fuck up. Not everyone wants to be "in to coffee" in order to make themselves a nice coffee.

  • Not everyone wants to be "in to coffee"

    They are not worthy then, fuck them, let them have instant.

  • Agree with the sentiment, but was wondering about the ESE pods as well, never used them but curious, they are single serving jobbies, so they are packaged in a hermetically sealed foil parcel so, more waste then just grinding and pulling a shot but far more convenient. I kinda like the whole ritual of making an espresso drink. We've stayed away from the aluminium pods for the very reason you've stated and didn't even know about the ESE pods until I bought my machine.

  • 3g of virtually non-recyclable packaging, 90%ish of which ends up incinerated or in landfill, per 6g of coffee. Oooh but it's so convenient!!

    Agreed... Hence I liked the idea of a machine that can take both ESE for convenience and ground for when there's more time. But the fact, as pointed out above, that the eco friendly ish paper thingy is contained in foil is annoying.

    We're using a good old Bialetti stove top (now we've ruined our nice Richard Sapper Alessi one), so far not guilty of pod use, but when not bothered and when in need for a shot (parents life yo!) Louise just makes an instant.
    Bean to cup are pricey, too big, and we'd end up blazing from over consumption!

  • anyone had the Amazon Happy Belly coffee? Good value if it's OK - 4 x 250G for £10

  • I’m not an expert but somebody in the chain must not be getting paid very much at that price!

  • You'll be lucky to get 7g of instant granules a week once the ration cards get handed out.

    Look at you with your posh instant coffee*. Don’t you remember when it was cut down with chicory?

    *Edit, I guess you didn’t actually specify it was coffee, just granules. Mmmmm, granules.

  • I bought used Gaggia Baby Twin. It was working fine until I tried to backflash it. Since then, the water does not flow through the group head (the wand still works). I tried to fix it using the guides on internet, but with no luck and I got enough. I am happy to sell it for £50.

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Coffee Appreciation

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