Coffee Appreciation

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  • Brilliance! Going to have to make one of them for myself

  • Put a few holes and slots in, has a more aggressive flame now - I found that, especially with the little one cup pot, the coffee tasted good but wasn't very hot at all. Haven't tried it with that one yet, but the test with the steel maker (not pictured, 3 cup) worked really well.

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  • Bravo! That is ridiculously good.

  • Do you put hot water in the base of the pot to start with?

  • Thanks @Aroogah!
    @Double_J, nope, I'm firmly in the cold water camp. It's always made great coffee for me and has continued to with this new system except with the one cup alu maker (pre-slotted/holed). Will report back this afternoon.

  • Put a few holes and slots in, has a more aggressive flame now

    More importantly you've gained weight-weenie drillium points. Will it ever leave the house on a camping trip or something?

  • Drillium computes not with brass :)
    I only do car camping these days, so yep.

  • We’ll be at the coffee festival on Friday (trade day) serving espresso on the Sanremo machines stand from 10.00 - 12.00. You can get tix if you make up some industry credentials on their booking page. Go and say hi to Elle and Catia, I’ll be back in shoe town minding the shop.

  • I'll swing by and say hello! Been wanting to try Yellow Bourbon for a while.

    I'm working/building the Volcano/Assembly stand, we'll be running a cafe racer.

  • Just backed this:­120647/peak-water-coffee-brewing-elevate­d

    Water filter specifically designed for coffee brewing - with an adjustable filter to tailor it to your water

  • My coffee at home must just be good, not exceptional. Maybe I don't know what I'm missing, but I've never felt let down by my standard brita filter.

  • Pretty sure Peak Water will be even worse than Peak Oil. #endoftheworld

  • I'll see you on Thurs then, dropping off the decent espresso machine to sit along side the CR

  • I notice YB now do 1kg bags of espresso.
    How long will that stay fresh for once opened?

  • Personally I try to make sure I use my beans in the period between 1 week and 4 weeks after roasting.

    So generally 3 weeks IMO.

  • That'd be okay then. I do a kg in that period.

  • I’d say 4 weeks from opening rather than roast date, I find our espresso keeps improving up to and beyond 2 weeks from roast and starts to decline a bit after about 6 weeks. Something to do with low airflow in the roasting I think. We rest the coffee for 2 weeks in the shop before we use it for drinks. The retail coffee is dispatched fresh.

  • Sweet thanks.

    Will order a kg bag.

  • Not certain if Waitrose machine coffee merits 'appreciation',­2018/apr/10/waitrose-to-remove-all-dispo­sable-coffee-cups-from-shops-this-year

    any recommendations for collapsible coffee mugs, with lids?

  • so I remembered why I cancelled my Pact subscription last time, for me their beans are too light roasted

    I've just picked up some Tesco Sumatra Mandheling beans which are half the price of Pact and to me way better

  • Have you tried Hasbean? I ordered their Guatemalan five pack of 250g bags (£33 delivered) and it arrived the next day, it's really nice as Aeropress and V60 pourover.

    They also do a mixed filter starter pack of four 250g bags for £25 delivered.

  • Yeah I had Hasbean before - I may revisit - cheers!

  • got one of these for my partner a couple of weeks ago and she's rated it very highly so far.

    I got hers for a tenner from amazon but since then the price has inexplicably risen to £75??

  • Amazon do their own filters, on subscription which are cheaper (i think) which means whenever I see it's time to change it I have a new one.

    How eco-friendly are the britta filters - seems like a lot of plastic and not very recyclable?

  • I am surprised there has not been more chat about the London Coffee Festival taking place right now.

    I looked into it as I thought it'll be nice to meet some people from the forum in person while drinking coffee.

    Then I checked ticket prices... £16.50 online or £22.50 on the doors.

    Yeah, we are just going to stay online friends, I ain't paying this much to then pay more inside...

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Coffee Appreciation

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