Coffee Appreciation

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  • Are a 40 pack of no.2 filtropa filter papers of use to anyone on here?

    Having a cupboard clear out and they were bought in error when I started out with my v60 (I think they're meant for Kalita Waves). Drop me a message with your address and I'll pop them in the post. Ta.

  • Did anyone take these?

  • New Feldgrind arrived a week or so ago, loving using it so far. Much easier to grind than I thought it would be and really well made too. Definitely giving a more consistent grind than the Wilfa at the moment, which has surprised me.

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  • Very handsome too.

  • Rough idea of speeds? Take a few seconds for me to do my 75g on the Wilfa which is nice. And tbh I'm happy with the results I'm getting from it for the Technivorm (though I don't really know how fine to grind (@StevePeel ?)).

  • In other news I got given a tasting pack from Small Batch which has washed, natural and honey processed beans from the same farm. Getting through my pre-ground YBCR before I test them out.

    Going to grind for a cup of each and put through the technivorm, decanting each time so I have three (roughly similar temp) coffees and can finally do an objective comparison. Tbh when I've brewed with different processing methods I usually don't give it much thought. Be interested to know what I'll get from the experience.­­ml

  • Also the technivorm front - have been reading on coffeeforums that some people remove the thermos to close the filter basket allowing longer steeps etc. Haven't tinkered but glad to know if I want to I can. Got about 4 kilos of coffee in at the moment so plenty to try things out with (everyone seemed to have the same idea for me at Christmas : )

  • hey - yes sorry they've gone. ta

  • Just do a little cupping

  • I had been looking forward to getting my Kickstarter backed coffee grinder in the next month after some manufacturing delays. I got a message today that the supplier had a warehouse fire over New Year and all the stock was destroyed. I hope that they have enough insurance to survive. Sad times.

  • Crap, sorry to hear about that.
    Still recommend the Helor 101.

  • forgot to say thank you for the stove top, really enjoying using it, and the coffee i brew in it looks and tastes cleaner, with less muddy residue at the bottom.
    Has almost put me off buying expensive Alessi stove top, almost.

    so thank you big man, much appreciated.

  • You are very welcome.

  • I think most of Alessis are no longer made in Italy. If you want something that still speaks to that go with GAT or Top Moka.

  • Amazon finally delivered new batteries for my scales. I’ve been using the 7g spoons and a measuring jug like a fucking heathen and it’s been really dragging me down.

  • The struggle is real.

  • I know. 2018 better pick up from here.

  • There may be an Asian source for them, eBay equivalents or whatever.

  • Is there a forum approved aeropress method? I used to use one daily but fell out of love with it and only going back to using it again after a couple of years.

    I've been using the inverted method, grind size between espresso and filter, double filter (rinsed) , 15-17g of coffee. I put in all the water (no pre bloom) give it a good stir and then plunge after 1 min 30.

    Originally I was using 200g of water but recently I've been using less water in the brew process and diluting the cup after. It gives a bit more control over the strength over the brew.

    I find I'm still not getting the flavour I'd like with it, this is probably why I fell out with it in the first place. But it's such a handy tool I'd really love to be able to nail a good cup with it.

  • What coffee are you using, what water, and what method are you comparing it to that you prefer?

    I’d definitely use 230g+ water and not bother with the diluting part. Once you’ve got it dialled you can control strength with dose and time.

  • Have been using my usual beans (from 3fe - essentially Hasbean in Ireland) a Pacamara and Yirgacheffe both coffees I know I love. I'm using filtered water where possible but have been lazy on occasion and used tap water.

    Method wise I've been mainly drinking espresso, I've been neglecting filter for awhile! But was using Chemex for filter.

    I'm thinking grind size is the culprit.

  • Greetings.

    My brother is thinking of a career change into coffee industry, which I have encouraged.

    Are there any resources he could go look at and how does one become a barista with no formal training / prior experience? He has pretty decent amateur knowledge, but just needs to put it into practice.

    Cheers all.

  • From what I know the best way to learn to become a barista is to get a job in a coffee shop. There is a lot of demand for Baristas at the moment especially in London coffee jobs board posts them on Insta and they have a website as well.

    I have met quite a few Baristas who started out in Costa or a friends place and built up from there. It takes time and practice to get the milk based drinks up to professional standard under pressure.

    Also generally baristas will very happily chat about coffee if things aren't super busy so worth having a chat in your local shop about what it involves.

  • Also, I'd recommend looking at front of house positions too, a lot of places will train people up from there. (Although it's always good to mention you're super keen to train and move into barista roles in the future, in case that's not what a particular shop is looking for! Always best to be on the same page.) It's also a really good way to learn how cafes work from the other side of the bar!

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Coffee Appreciation

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