Coffee Appreciation

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  • Yep it's a quality spot. They've got locks for bikes outside, assembly beans, top notch kit. Yep 3 really nice chaps from Brixton Cc it's also got a few other elements supported from members if the club in the design.

    Motto is Good Things and has a healthy theme but serves coffee inc. milk drinks, local beers and light food.

    If you're an Instagramer just featured them on my account london_baristas

    It's a perfect pre post ride spot for a Kent ride

  • Sounds great. Thanks.

    (and london_baristas now followed, for further reccos)

  • Yep have been in a few times, really nice setup great coffee. Didn't realise that were Brixton CC lads.

  • @Matisse LFGSS barista training day? I'd definitely be up for this - if the numbers can allow.

  • @matisse I'd be very up for the barista training evening. Pretty flexible for evenings Sept Oct.
    I was thinking of doing the formal barista training but perhaps a slight overkill since it's more for my own interest than professional training.

  • Cheers for the heads up, I've seen a few of the older ones on eBay that look promising

  • Yo coffee dudes

    Gaggia Classic.

    If the thermo fuse has gone, it means the boiler is overheating, which means the thermostat/s have gone, right?

  • I had the boiler thermostat go on my Gaggia which did indeed cause it to overheat. Easy enough to replace especially if you've had the pleasure of clearing the solenoid.

  • Ta. Did you cough up the £17 shops seem to want for them?

  • I think I paid more but it was a few years back

  • Who's got a basic but fully functional single group machine they want to sell me? I want to learn espresso after a couple of years on V60. Or point me in the direction of one.
    I have a nice grinder at least

  • What's the budget? £300 should get you a used Rancilio Silvia. If you've already got a nice grinder you can get great results with that machine.

  • £300 is about what I can go to. Thanks for the tip.
    Worth a punt? Comes with associated bits.

  • Yes I would think so, but you can be fairly choosy as there are a lot out there, watch a few and see what they're going for. All the repairs, maintenance and mods are thoroughly documented online and parts are cheap and plentiful.

  • I won a Silvia v3 on ebay recently for £230, seems about the average price. The one you linked comes with some extra gaskets and descaler which is a good sign that it's been looked after. Mine had a pretty tired gasket which I replaced and the big removable brass bit above the screen needed a good soak to degunk.

    Also, loving the Yellow Bourbon espresso beans. I'm used to getting a pretty dark roast and drinking it with sugar but these are great without. Was hoping they'd last until payday but I'm halfway through them already.

  • Actually that one looks great - that's a few quids worth of accessories that you wont have to buy and given that they're all in boxes I reckon its probably a fastidious owner. Looks well looked after generally.

    Edit - What Colonel of Truth said! Glad you're enjoying the coffee.

  • eBay has em for a tenner now. Phew. Bought both. Anything else I should replace / fettle whilst I have it opened up? Going to do the OPV tune.

  • @Matisse I'm in Bristol too so would be potentially interested in a lufguss training day / evening / whatever

  • @Matisse @UmeVELO Can I add to that list :)

  • Its getting quite big now eh!

    Okay, Sunday evenings in October, lets see whos available when.

  • I can do 22nd or 29th

  • Also could I bring a water sample for evaluation?

  • 22nd and 29th both good for me.

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Coffee Appreciation

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