Anyone Fancy Lending Me a Bike Bag?

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  • Hi all,
    as above really. I'm off to Oz for 3 weeks on Saturday, and am keen to take a bike. If anyone has a bag/case that would withstand the trip that they'd be prepared to lend me, I'd quite happily compensate with beer/parts/£$€.
    cheers, brett

  • yep i have the DHB bike bag........didnt you asked already some month back?????
    one of my mates asked me as well but i think he needs it for april......ill check with him toniet and letcha know....

  • Ok, nice one thanks - much appreciated!

  • no probs

  • yang still has wayne's 2nd bag, that he needs to return.

  • Brett, if the above falls through, give me a shout - I have one if you want it.

  • Thought I'd revive this thread, rather than start a new one.

    Heading to Canada on the 23rd (a week tomorrow), coming back on 10 July. May be bringing an extra bike back, so if the bag would fit two, that'd be cool. If not, no worries.

  • There could be some duty free maple syrup in it for you ;)

  • I've got an enormous on-one (it's the same as the Planet-X one) padded pink bag that would fit two bikes at a push I think. I'll not need it in the next few weeks so if you want to borrow it let me know.

  • Andy - you're my online guardian angel! I'll figure out the brake stuff and get in touch with you tomorrow.

  • Is there still a bike bag to borrow? A friend needs one for next weekend.

  • I have one at a friends house on Graham Rd. If you want to use it.. PM me

  • anyone else got a bag i could borrow?
    im off to NY at the wknd.
    i'll bring you back something nice

  • i was told by brixton cycles that a cardboard box for as shit as it seems is the most rigid and best protection and they would give me one for free...

  • anyone else got a bag i could borrow?
    im off to NY at the wknd.
    i'll bring you back something nice

    Possibly - when do you need it by and how long will you need it for?

  • i've got one which ive placed a cardboard lining located in Clapton. PM me if interested

  • Whoa, I'd never heard of a bike bag. It's still oversized, though. What do you guys think about how easy it'd be to tetris a bike into a cardboard box small enough that it wouldn't be considered oversized by the airlines? Guess I'd have to know the outsize of their less-than-oversized dimensions, eh? Hmmm...time to call up KLM.

    I'm moving to Barcelona at the end of November and this is a timely discussion.

  • Oversize isn't too much of a prob. Qantas didn't charge me to bring a bike in box back from Aus.

  • i've got an on-one padded bike bag that someone can borrow if anyone is still after one. it's a bit of a pain in the arse though - solid floor, crappy wheels, decent padding, doesn't really fold up, some broken straps.

    basically, it's a bitch to lug around, but it does protect the bike quite well.

  • Oversize isn't too much of a prob. Qantas didn't charge me to bring a bike in box back from Aus.

    Qantas is pretty awesome, then. It's at least $100, something closer to $200 (if I remember correctly) to get a bike from the US to the UK. Getting it from the UK to Spain is easy as pie.

  • BA will take a bike box/bag for free, according to their website.

  • virgin take bikes free, as long as they wiegh less than 32kg, even from the USA.

  • Just got back from France Used a £40 decathlon folding bike bag, useful as is folds down when not in use into a small bag which we could carry with us. Fitted two bikes in the same bag plus some other bits and bobs, added pipe insulation and protected other bits using cardboard and something in the dropouts to prevent squishing. Worked well but missed a few point that need to be covered resulting in a small biro sized hole in the bag.

  • I didn´t start the thread but I need of a bike bag for my bike as well. Anyone got one I could rent?

  • Have always used a Carboard bike box to take my pride and joy abroad.They're normally free from most local bikeshops and seem to hold up pretty well.I normally ask for a Giant box if possible they seem to be nice and tough,put of plenty of fragile tape on it and bubble wrap inside and bobs your uncle.

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Anyone Fancy Lending Me a Bike Bag?

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