Sat 5th April - London to Brighton 2 (Curse-free)

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  • Morning.

    Just about to enter the L2B and thinking I'll probably go for it fixed. I know a few of you've done it & Ditchling is the bad bit. How does it compare to London hills like Highgate West & Fitzjohn's ave? Longer & less steep, longer & steeper, etc?

    Just want to get an idea of whether I'll be able to make it up...


  • Ditchling's about twice as long and just as steep as Highgate West. I can't vouch for how easy it would be when full of thousands of other cyclists wobbling and walking everywhere though.
    L-2-B is a good fixed ride generally, although there is a forum curse, so beware....

  • Beware of 50*14

  • someone draw some horns on him and put a red glare in his eyes.

  • Yeah! I can't wait to do it this year! But gotta do a 6am start or it gets WAY too crowded. Anyone up for this?

    Was chatting to a guy from the BHF and he says they are doing a L2B off-road this year for those who are interested.

  • I'm up for it. Fixed shouldn't be too bad, but the traffic will be a problem... the traffic is always a problem.

  • I'm going for the 6am start.

    Looks like a few training runs will be needed to have any chance of getting up Ditchling. (or lower gearing!)

  • I've binned my application already. Won't be doing that again. Gearing won't be the problem it'll be the traffic jam. Fell off twice going up Ditchling due to people pushing their bikes getting in the way. I'm useless at getting up early.

  • I've done BHF once (geared) and won't do it again.
    It's worth doing once.. just to see so many people on bikes (30,000).
    It does get frustrating walking up hills.
    I made Ditchling easily geared but it would depend more on how many people were on it at the same time as you arrived.
    Leave at 5am ;)

  • did the BHF (gears) last year and started at 0630. that was stupidly crowded. ride comes to a full stop up every hill and junctions. few accidents as well (much like the lfgss L2B tours!) so it's very hard to get a flow. stop start is very annoying. and loooong wait for coach ride home.

    i suggest do our own (cos im not avail on the BHF date ;) and want to ride with the lfgss crew). we'll get a nearly uninterrupted ride and we can catch a train back. maybe a week or two after BHF's cos someone's bound to put the route up on bikely/gmap. if you feel guilty donate to BHF.

    i think BMMF, hippy, brett, ma3k and others? got up ditchling on 46x17ish?!

  • I was riding the Soma with 42x16 and just made it up. Any skinny cnuts that don't make it to the top will get a kicking from me and be forced to do it again until they make it or die trying.

  • I'll planning on doing in unofficially this year and joining a few miles in early on so the crowd has started to break up.

    Myself and the two mates I did it with all got knocked off our bikes in the first mile by people not looking where they were going.

  • Made Ditchling last year, and I think I was riding something like 45x17 or 45x18.
    Well, when I say "made", I mean "wheezed my way up" but you get the idea.
    Since I did it last year, I reckon I'm allowed to walk it this time around…

  • Coming down Ditchling fixed is a lot more contentious than going up it. Especially with traffic on your tail :S

  • 48x18 up ditchling a few times. but will be very hard during official BHF ride cos of all the walkers and then the people on their mtb granny rings and wide handlebars twiddling up.

    am up for fatboyralph's suggestion since i missed the last one and we need to put this curse to bed

  • Who's your fucking daddy, curse?

  • I'd be up for doing it again. Just not on the BHF ride, it'd be much nicer to do it with another FGSS group.

    N2R MKII anyone?

  • I too am up for fatboyralph's suggestion. Don't really like the idea of 30,000 other cyclists to be honest. I will attempt it on my 48x17. Hoping that going up Highate Hill every night with a heavy bag will stand me in good stead.

    BMMF, will you be doing any more of the Saturday morning hill runs again. I still can't believe how quick you got up some of those hills. Especially Muswell Hill

  • why not do it geared? much more fun.

  • @ mikec - doubtful. I've just taken my shallow drops/hoods off, and stuck on track bars in readiness for HH. I'm also looking into experimenting with... GEARS! on the hills this year. Shock fucking horror.

    You should make a date to ride down to the next Catford hillclimb in October, and watch how fast the hillclimbing elites get up 1 in 4s :O

    Judging by the way you rode up the climbs on your 48x17, and with regular loaded ascents of HHW, you'll have no problems grinding up Ditchling. I think one of our group on the 50x14 ride did it in 48x16.

  • pj why not do it geared? much more fun.

    Whoa - the power of suggestion!

  • I am up for this again.
    Even though I felt like my lung fell out after going up Ditchling!


  • i'd be up for it, i guess. although to be perfectly fank, for these longer rides, i.e 4+ hours in the saddle, i'd rather use gears, that's what they are for. i prefer to go downhill at around 45mph without spinning out savagely. i like descending. i like climbing as well, and prefer to do that with a range of gears too, thus maintaining a rhythm.

    i know, call me old-fashioned, retarded, whatever. and it is fun to all get toegther and ride fixed.

  • A few, were on gears last time.
    I would think about doing it on gears too, if I had a geared bike.

  • Putting to bed the N2R Curse
    LFGSS L2B List.
    Date TBC

    1. Lucky 7
    2. Jonny
    3. FatboyRalph
    4. Cornelius Blackfoot
    5. Mikec
    6. Velocity Boy
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Sat 5th April - London to Brighton 2 (Curse-free)

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