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  • This morning on my way to work filtering through the traffic I slowed as two cars indicated right into a trading estate, after they go in we all move off.

    The next car goes straight on but Mr Magoo in his Jag decides to turn right 'no looking no indicating'
    Loud shouts from me "Woh, woh, woh, woh"!
    hit his back door and got taken around with him but managed to jump off the bike as it went over and ran up the pavement, no damage to me or the bike but I could see a dent and scratch down his door from my handle bars.
    I did enquire as to the whereabouts of his indicators and use there of, or was it;
    "How about some fin indicators you blind fin tw*t"

    The two cars behind asked if I was ok and offered to be witnesses but as I was ok and the guy was a quivering wreck behind the wheel I declined, so I ride off the next car I passed had his window down and said "you ok mate"
    Now the rub, pass the Police car that was up next [eyes front nothing] next car had obviously heard me shouting and looked back also asked if I was ok
    I guess the old bill didn't want any extra paperwork or really were oblivious

    At least for every Tw*t there are several good guys behind the wheels with a heart

  • i got a rock thrown at me today... lucky i was wearing a helmet... oh well one less wing mirror on the road.

  • At least you and bike are ok. Cops ignore RLJ so I guess it's even Stevens. Hopefully if it were more serious they'd act!

    Chris, you are in the States, non? Buy yourself a .45 calibre automatic pistol for 'self defence'.

  • shame about that, especially the fucking pigs. too much paperwork to lose. wankers.

    I always think people ought to report and get insurance details, even though you were ok, your bike might fail in the future as a result of the crash. and the driver must be made to concentrate in future. I'm sure he will now anyway, for a couple of weeks at least.

    (I got knocked off by a WVM/W in a hurry the other day, me and bike absolutely unscathed, but he/she drove off, probably not even realising he/she'd hit me)

  • WVM/W ?

    Sorry to hear about the scape fixedwheelnut. Police don't care about many situations.

    What they need is something they can get their teeth into.

  • good skills FWN, glad you came away unhurt

  • jonny good skills FWN, glad you came away unhurt


    Look at the recoil on that baton, he's giving it some serious welly!

  • What protest is that from?

  • Cheers lads

    Tommy I'm sure I saw that baton in an R18 DVD before ;) surely he picked up the wrong one before he left for work, his missus will be in for a surprise :)

  • Sam [quote]jonny good skills FWN, glad you came away unhurt

    Look at the recoil on that baton, he's giving it some serious welly![/quote]

    Somebody should kick that guys ass... and i do mean the cops ass.

  • What has the policeman's donkey got to do with it?

    oh you're talking A*mer*icanish! Sorry old fruit.

  • fucking pink bunny wearing terrorists, beat them down i say.

  • TheBrick(Tommy) WVM/W ?

    White Van Man / Woman I assume, people seem to have a real inability to indicate these days, in a bloody world of their own.

  • I checked this isn't a repost, maybe I'm wrong. Absolutely horrific situation to be in. The stupidity of the women in the silver car is terrifying.

    Drivers Knock down cyclist in Greenford West London - YouTube

  • Ha I know that road well and that was a fair hill he was going down I hate that junction

  • :(

  • Fucking hell! That stupid fucking moron in the silver car. A bloke has just been knocked off his bike in front of you and you didn't see him?! Are you serious?!

  • Yes, probably. Drivers are often in their own little cocoon world.

  • You're right. I do actually believe her. What an absolute fucking mong.

  • The YouTube video comments reveals that moron was Sue Trepak of Hanwell.

    If you Google Sue Trepak of Hanwell nothing but info on that accident comes up, including the fact she still pleaded innocent despite seeing the video from the helmet cam. This is the worst bit, anyone can make a serious mistake, but when presented with irrefutable evidence she still refused to admit that she was in the wrong.

    Anyway, Sue Trepak of Hanwell's career options are now very limited I reckon because Google is not her friend.

  • What was her defence- that she (Sue Trepak of Hanwell) was not guilty as she had failed to observe the cyclist in the road before pulling out of the junction, over him and his bicycle?

  • The comments on Youtube do make you despair for humanity, btw.

  • Fucking despicable, really. After all of that she doesn't even have the heart to ask if he's ok or worry about anything other than herself. Let alone apologise.

    "but I didn't see you!", "I don't understand, where were you?!", "I don't know how it happened!"

    Jesus Christ. I could almost understand not seeing someone, but not knowing you're driving over a bike like that?! Fark.

  • The comments on Youtube do make you despair for humanity, btw.

    That is surely a given.

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