Move to fixed with SPD pedals

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  • Hi guys, I am riding single speed, about 23 miles a day in London’s heavy traffic.
    I am thinking to go fixed but also to move to SPD pedals.
    Should I do both together or start with one first, what is the best way?

  • Are you on clips and straps at the moment or flats?

  • Just flats
    and used to ride a lot off the saddle through traffic and to avoid the foul impact of potholes

  • I would say get accustomed to the spds first but it should not take very long ( a week or two). You really need some form of foot retention on a fixed wheel bike. It helps alot.

    Also sound like you should smooth out your riding, sprinting away out of the saddle all the time is inefficient and quite often lends it's self to more aggressive and jerky riding rather than nice easy and flowing. Excuses my rant but I have had alot of hassle over the past week from sprint rider cutting me up then slamming on brakes, pushing in front of me at traffic lights then sitting there only for me to overtake and have the whole process repeated e.t.c Even though you very well may not be one of these people I am just venting my self. Forgive me.

  • Hey,

    I agree with Tommy, run SPD's for a week or two on your single speed, and then put them on a fixed gear.

    I recently switched from clips+straps to SPD's, and that was really a good investment. Eggbeaters might be better - some say so, but they are also a bit expensive, especially if you have more than one bike you want clipless on.

  • Thanks guys :-))

    What about the gear ratio? I ride 16x48, do I need to gear down for going fixed? I was thinking something like 17x48 or 18x48?

    Regarding the pedals, some times I ride the bike with normal shoes to the newsagent or to the park, would it be ok to do a just few miles on fixed with SPDs with normal shoes?

  • wow thats some crazy ratios your rocking i ride 46x16, and live in a slightly hilly area, not any where near london at the moment. clipless pedals and shoes are the smartest money i have spent on a bike so far, so much more control

  • I run 44x17, and find it quite nice, pretty easy to stop, and pretty easy to accelerate.
    I'm going to run 45x17 on my Vivalo.

    I'd say you should start out at something like 48x19..

  • yeah but 16x48 is not sane, i didn't know you could get a 48t cog or a 16t chainring

  • hehehehe :) oh, didn't notice that one.

  • He probably just wrote it backwards, Chris!

  • i know he did, im just having some cheep laughs

  • Ok sorry, 48 (chainring) x 16 (freewheel/ cog) I wanted to say. I didn’t know what goes first.

    Anyway, my point was: is there any additional reason for gearing down if I move to fixed. At the moment, with singlespeed freewheel, it goes quite well in London and I managed some weekend rides London to Brighton with the exception of the last hill where I had to walk :-(
    What if I move to fixed?

  • you will want to gear down beacuse you stop your fixed with the aid of your legs, and your ss uses a break.

  • I ran 48x16 for about 4 months, going from 16t to 18t makes a difference, more control at lower speeds, spinnier, yet more fun, and not so hard on the knees. you'll enjoy riding fixed a whole load more when you swap over.
    I rode 48x16 during the summer and its fine, still a bitch to get moving , but when your on the go its cool, in winter or when it gets gusty, not so cool, the added resistance from the inclement weather is main reason for me changing to 18t.
    also I think when you figure out your gearing moving from a geared bike to a ss or fixed, you should always choose a gearing lower than that to allow for the added exertion of pedalling all the time as well as braking

  • I and a few other guys here had bad experiences with fixed and SPDs, coming unclipped at the wrong time and not being able to stop in emergencies as easily.

    General consensus is that Time ATACs are much better than SPDs for fixedgears, take a look at them instead.

  • i use time, beacue i heard bad things about spds and didnt want to spend the dorrah on egg beaters... works fine fomr me, poped out once but i was being stupid.

  • I'm thinking about moving away from straps too, but I wonder, are you guys using racing shoes (those you can't walk on) or mtb shoes (so you can actually walk)?

  • I use mtb shoes. Can't see a disadvantage really, unless you want super super super super rigidity (but then you obviously don't if you want to walk in them)

    [edit] actually I should say I USED to. I moved the opposite way (from SPDs to clips&straps) and I'm much happier. Maybe if I had ATACs it would be a different story, but for the time being I quite like being able to skidstop.

  • i use sidi dragons, mtb shoes you can walk in.

  • sidi's are fine and mtb style to walk in for sure. adjust that pedal so it is nice and tight. i have accidentally clipped out once or twice but not enough for it to be on my mind

  • Do the ATAC cleats (or whatever that shiznit that attaches to the bottom of the shoes) fit all widely available shoes?
    I think I'm going to give it a try one of these days.

  • ...not wanting to hijack the thread.
    But when i come to skid stopping with spds, my pulling foot sometimes unclips.
    Fresh clips and cleats, tightened up to the max stop.

    are egg beaters better for this?

  • It's been said before but the only times I've unclipped from SPDs is through poor leg braking technique. (Jase, which are the single release SPDs?!)

    Sidis and ATACs are a popular combination on here but you'll find a lot of people with SPDs too (myself included). Clips & straps work well if you're going to be doing tricks (don't. Or just go buy a BMX).

    I wouldn't run Look style pedals & shoes on a fixed just cos it's my commuting bike and I'd fall over in the pub more than Dogsballs if I wore 'proper' racing shoes!

  • i recommend the wifebeaters - nice and easy to get in and out of.

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Move to fixed with SPD pedals

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