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  • Have a soft spot for the falcons since I used to follow them when Jerry Granville was coach after he left the oilers..
    And I’d like to see them rise after their decline since they lost the super bowl to the patriots.

  • Is Tua not still out with maybe broken ribs. I mean they said they weren’t broken then they were so who knows.

    Think the game of the week will be this Thursday game. I expect the over to hit and more with two real good offence but fancy the Rams to take it.

  • Jerry Glanville

    Never liked Jerry. Even when the Oilers were winning.

  • Is Tua not still out with maybe broken ribs.

    Projected to return for the London game. I am keeping my fingers crossed he makes it.

  • Long flight just after broken ribs? Surely just bench him another week?

    I will add I don’t rate him at all in the big league and think they should probably move on. Loved him in college but he’s not transferred that to the league I feel.

  • Also as a Texans fan can I ask any Browns fans coping mechanisms for the next 10 years?

  • but fancy the Rams to take it.

    Lies! Take Kupp out the game and they can't score points... (Wishfull thinking with the Seattle D).

    Pending Donald not getting to Russ (likely story), then our offence is top tier and should win a shootout. Collins is doing well, which adds a new string we're not used to having. Especially If Carson doesn't play.

    I'm going 28-20 Seattle. They're in action green and they've won all seven games in that kit, including twice over the Rams (I think).

    Biased? Probably. All the critics have a Rams win too.

  • A straight shoot out and you don’t back Stafford to put up 10000000 yards? Pahhhhh

    Also you can not take Kupp out the game many have tried.

  • Flores announced he was eligible to return for the London game.

    He had fractured ribs, not broken. I know that's splitting hairs but having had fractured ribs in the past, 3 weeks seems about right to me. He may have a set back, who knows.

  • Also as a Texans fan can I ask any Browns fans coping mechanisms for the next 10 years?

    This is our life under Cal now.

  • Loved Jerry! Loved that Warren moon team, loved the way it was all air it out and stuff. Loved it.
    Admittedly I didn’t have the access to the info on the nfl back then I have now, so no understanding of his character or how the team was run or, how he’d coached in college or any of that stuff. But do have really fond memories of the oilers, probably because they are my counterpoint to the cowboys, who I’ve always disliked..

  • Really! Recovered from injury, played half a season in relief of fitzmagic and you’re already out! Fuck me! The leash on young qb’s is short nowadays.

  • Should just say I do have a massive man crush on Tyler Lockett and those rainbow passes that he snags from russ, no matter the coverage or what the cornerback is doing. So much speed, with hands that good!!! Whooo!!!

  • cowboys, who I’ve always disliked..

    This is why we get along. I loved those Moon teams.

    I covered the last season of the Oilers as part of my job. All of those Sundays around the Dome...I miss that scoreboard.

    My dad was at the first ever baseball game at the Dome, exhibition game against the Mickey Mantle Yankees. I took him to the last ever Astros game there too. /csb

  • I thought it was broken apologies. But Cal and Easterby are ironically stealing my soul.

    @cornelius_blackfoot yeah never took to him in the league. Opinions though are like arseholes we all have one and they usually stink.

  • I'm going 28-20 Seattle.

    Not far off the actual result, but backwards. Looks like the Rams forced a lot of pressure and coverage sacks on Wilson. Metcalf is just a joy to watch. Double punt was excellent.

    I really wish the NFL would stop zooming in on, and replaying in slow-mo, injuries. I really don't want to see Wilson's finger put back into socket at 4k, thanks.

    On the plus side, Aikman sounds exactly like Dan Dierdorf, which is comforting for fans of a certain age. Wish he was as astute as Dierdorf used to be.

  • Worth watching full game highlights or just highlights?

    My 3 month old who usually wakes up for a feed at 1 slept till 630 so I never got the alarm clock.

  • Highlights were my only choice. First half ended 7-3 so everything happened in the second half. Personally, I struggle with watching full games if they are not live. I'd rather poke through analysis with all-22 views if I want to go deeper.

  • I'd go full highlights, was a great game tbh, even though we lost.

    Some bad calls by Carroll I thought, running on 3rd and 14 etc when you've got Wilson. Wilson was majestic in his play, how he got out of the pocket was insane at times. Metcalf is an absolute monster.

    Geno played well considering. I really like Adams, but he was poor.

    Thought the holding call before 1/2 was a bit iffy, that would have changed the game.

    If Dickson doesn't get special teams player of the month......

  • yeah never took to him in the league.

    He hasn’t even finished his second season. But hey you keep hot taking qb progression.

    Speaking of qb’s was mightily surprised to see geno smith out in relief for Wilson on the highlights this morning. Thought after his stint with the jets he was way out of the league.

    Rams defense getting it done in the end, and if Stafford hadn’t given up that red zone interception felt like the score could have been wider.. but highlights don’t tell the whole story so willing to be corrected..

  • I was going to ask whether chargers browns was the biggest, most exciting game of the weekend, and then saw chiefs bills is the Monday night game. Ohhh Weee! Chiefs bills will be a barn burner, and early possible afc championship game prelude…

    But browns chargers has me thinking, as I’ve got a soft spot for both, two young analytic based coaches, good defenses, strong pass rush, think the chargers have the edge with receivers and the browns have the edge with the running backs.
    Could come down to who is better Herbert or mayfield, and after last weeks performances you’d have to think Herbert would come out on top.

  • I am pulling for the Jets but don't forget Trump is from NYC and most of the NFL owners raised money for him. Cheer the players.

    Yeah, and I know that there are many odious things about the whole league, not least that whole 'sport ar troops' bullshit (Fuck. That.), what happened to Kaep, every single owner, domestic violence. Just want to cheer for someone and see myself with more in common with a Noo Yawk street punk than a Southern gent/redneck (tho I have seen Killer Mike in a Falcons cap, which makes the decision less binary).

  • Wilson had surgery for mallet finger - needed screws to reattach the tendon to the distal phalange on the middle finger of his throwing hand. 6 weeks minimum, I really hope it is not a career ender.

  • Wilson was my fantasy QB. So that's frustrating. Thankfully I've got Rodgers on the bench, so it could be worse.

  • Yeah bit of a shitter, bit I think it brings season expectations back down from orbit, we never had a D good enough anyway.

    Looking forward to Geno though! He did alright on Thurs.

    Also, means more "sipping on vino, checking in Geno" on the ATN podcast.

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American football

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