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  • Red zone is worth the game pass price alone.

    Pat McAfee show is also great. Lot of filler nonsense but if you can watch the full interviews with guests they’re really good. Especially Aaron Rodgers Bookclub Tuesdays.

  • Red Zone is the single greatest sporting programme on TV.

    6+ hours of uninterrupted highlights with minimal faff or chat? Worth every penny.

  • The host will literally demand on air bud producers go to specific games for action.

    Yeah it’s the greatest.

  • Niners / Eagles game is super intriguing. Texans holding their own against Cleveland. Panthers are looking good so far - super happy for Darnold. Hope he gets comeback player of the year.

  • We could t stop the run and eventually browns walked it.

    Vikings Cards game is much much much fun.

  • As much as I hate watching it, Henry was sublime yesterday, you just can't stop that. Can't believe Seahawks lost that. Wilson doing his usual early MVP candidate work. Great game all in.

  • No idea how you contrived to lose that game. The taunting and roughing the passer calls are self-sabotage that must drive you insane.

    The Titans are the franchise that has had Earl Campbell, Eddie George and now Derrick Henry. Ridiculous running talent over the years. Off the top of my head I cannot think of another franchise with so many periods of 5+ years with dominant running backs.

  • Ha, don't even...

    Catching up on some other games, feel a bit sorry for Burrow, really hoping he was going to have a good year.

  • feel a bit sorry for Burrow

    They are known as the Cincinnati Bungles for a reason.

  • Ha yeah.

    Is it me or is it real interception heavy these first few weeks? Even mahomes getting in on the action. Better secondaries, new playbooks?

  • For some reason sideline routes have become a bit passé be with a bigger focus on dagger and wheel routes.The dagger and wheel routes over the middle end up closer to the hash marks in the 5-15 yard range.

    They are doing that because more teams are playing high cover 2 (2 deep safeties). you also have NFL LBs doing more pass coverage with some crazy good pass rush D-lines.

    So all of that combined means more tipped/deflected balls by the D-lines and LBs, which the safeties are picking off. You also see broken plays from entanglements near the line of scrimmage. This means that the short distance timing throws end up on the ground or in the wrong hands.

    It's been a great start to the season so far. Games have been very entertaining.

  • Chargers at Chiefs looks like an AFC title game right now. Holy crap. Toe to toe. What a game.

  • That's a good write up, thansk!

    Watched the Jags game today as the Seahawks were a bit later (and the less said the better!!).

    The FG return was insane, thought Trev was ok, bit unlucky. Robinson is so good. Meyer one season and out?

    Also heard that the Around the NFL podcast are doing a London show. Shame it's the wrong weekend for me.

  • Meyer one season and out?

    Too early. Give it 5 or 6 more games. Halfway through the season should be a better time to look at that.

    Need to look at the highlights later, curious as to why it was hard for Arizona to close out that game.

  • More on the adoption of 2 high safeties here.­4Uk

    I really love Alex Rollins breakdowns. So deep and a great way to get to grips with what you see on the field.

  • Stafford was MVP level in Detroit, he just had zero ever around him to do anything also the curse.

    Stand by my predictions. Meyer sacked, Lawrence Bust and Mac Jones ROTY.

  • Not sure Trev is a bust. Think he's doing alright everything considered.

  • Watching browns vikings really hate the commentator! Don’t know his name but think he works games for west coast teams. He’s annoyed my on raiders, chargers and broncos games.
    Usually notice how much I dislike him on the nfl highlights but now I’ve got to suffer through him all game long..

  • Go Jets, go Zach Wilson!

  • Seahawks Rams live on Prime tonight, 1.20am kickoff if anyone's interested.

    Prob gonna have a nap before hand, but ties in nicely with a quiet morning at work tomorrow!

  • That is going to be good. Hopefully a 35-28 thriller.

    Highlights for me in the morning I'm afraid.

  • Definitely a highlights in the morning one for me.
    Think the rams will put a beating on russ and the seahawks. Can’t see him evading that pass rush..

    Anyway this weekend will be weird as it always is when you get nfl games in the uk and can watch them 4pm uk time.
    Always takes me by surprise..

  • I'm actually going to the Sunday match. Who should I support? I'm thinking Jets, as southern teams are likely to have more Trumpy racist supporters.

  • I fancy the Falcons for some reason.

    I'm off to the one week after, getting behind Trev! Hope Tuas back though.

  • I'm off to the Dolphins / Jags game the week. Will be interesting to see both young Florida team QBs play in person. Plus I can boo the Jags, because division rivalries are srs bznss.

    @kl I am pulling for the Jets but don't forget Trump is from NYC and most of the NFL owners raised money for him. Cheer the players.

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American football

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