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  • It is the best logo tbf, not biased.

    I did actually know about the naming of the team, some old fella in a bar was telling me about it after going to a Sounders game. (His view was that the Sounders are more famous, I told him not many people in England knew much about MLS and he seemed quite shocked).

  • I agree on the logo. I have always liked its unique authenticity; so very different from any sports logo in any sport.

  • Mailata signing a 4 year $64mil contract. 40mil guaranteed, upside could make it worth 80mil.

  • Good article, great look at what it’s like for a sports team to be active in their community and for the logo that represents them to come from that historical community, will be interesting if the nba ever puts a team back in Seattle what their logo/name would be? They’d do well to follow the seahawks and what they’ve done..

    Edit: wonder whether Seattle’s success with their logo is because they were an expansion team/newer addition so didn’t have the historical weight of a derogatory logo/name, so could go in any direction they wanted. Which resulted in them creating something quite specific and yet also something that is very respectful of the culture they are working from.. it feels like the WFT could take a note about this as well, as a way of remaking their logo name into something positive for the native peoples from whom they’ve taken so much

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for podcasts to follow along this season as it all gets started? I am fairly new to it, but there seem to be loads out there…

  • will be interesting if the nba ever puts a team back in Seattle what their logo/name would be

    Would have to be the Sonics again surely, also a fantastic logo!

  • Around the NFL with Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler and Gregg Rosenthal

  • +1 on this, such a great podcast. They have such a good rapport.

  • I follow the bill Simmons podcast, he runs the website the ringer, which also has a couple of different nfl podcasts. Simmons podcast usually during the season revolve around gambling, but the football info is top notch.
    They’ll be a bit heavy going to begin with as they don’t really explain any of the minutiae of the game, they’re talking to an audience who already understand the laws of the sport, the history and the current financial ramifications. But they are really good and conversational, and fan centred.
    I also listen to the mmqb podcast which has a couple of different podcasts within the stream.
    I try to avoid anything too hot take centric, and usually am guided by whether I like the sound of their voice, as well as the info they are giving..

  • Kickoff weekend and visiting back home.

    Texans/Jags up first and I check in on the Falcons/Eagles.
    Packers/Saints and Browns/Chiefs are the later kickoffs on air
    Rams/Bears in the Sunday night game.

    Not had a Sunday like this in 20 years.

  • In the park with first born so missing the early kick offs. Hoping the browns chiefs game is on sky sports so I can watch that one after 9pm

  • Was all ready for a losing season, no hope and just enjoying the games etc. and within one half I’m thinking Hurts and Smith are the answer and the birds are winning the division.

    I hate Philadelphia football.

  • Tyrod's first half has been god damn amazing. The hopium is real.

  • wow - so I guess that's a' la football, to tie him down to the club so he's obviously regarded as a starter from now and beyond, especially with experience and improvement

  • One or two anti-Watson signs spotted in the crowd.

    Darnold, Garoppolo, and Burrow having really good days.

  • Thanks for the recommendations all. Have started with around the nfl, they had some preseason stuff that got me up to speed. I have followed previously but missed a few seasons, mad how quickly things change in this sport. Bill simmonds and mmqb up next.

  • Yep great to see Joey B come back to a winning start, he took a bad hit though, hopefully no lasting damage.

    Jameis has made a great start too, no interceptions so far and good decision making, not counting my chickens though…

  • Also worth looking at the Pat Kirwan books on how to watch the game. It's a really good way to learn about how the game is played and get to grips with what the hell is going on.­-Ball/dp/1629371696

  • As a long suffering Texan I am trying really hard to remember that Jags will be terrible and we will also be terrible just slightly less.

    Bills being bad shocked me a bit yesterday.

  • I am enjoying the around the nfl podcast, they have good chemistry.

  • Yeah they're a great bunch, and always have good guests too.

    My only downside is they are quite long and come fast, so I end up missing a few trying to keep up! That's such a minor complaint though!

    Thursday night games start soon on Prime too if anyone doesn't have NFL gamepass etc.

  • TNF last night was a great game if anyone has a quiet Friday afternoon! (I do say this as a WAS fan so possibly skewed…)

  • Been some great games week 1.

    Also very happy with McKissic in my fantasy team.

  • I've got access to a friend's sky sports go account, so watch the early sunday games on there, my days of staying up late to watch games live have long gone.
    Thursday night games will probably fall into the can't stay up for that category.
    One thing I do miss is the redzone on a sunday, could hop between games of teams you had no affiliation with...

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American football

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