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  • Hmm. Interesting stuff kicking off in the US - apparently revelations about the Washington football team are forthcoming. source: Pat McAfee (ex-Colts punter now in media)


    Non-paywalled copy of the WaPo story.

  • That's just awful.

  • Great to see Gamepass all up and running properly. That blank space would be 'Washington Football Team'.

    Can't believe preseason starts tonight.


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  • Jeez. Tonight? Where has this year gone?

  • sadly preseason was cancelled a couple of weeks ago..

  • up and running properly

    rolls eyes

  • That blank space would be 'Washington Football Team'.

    somewhat futilely...

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  • Hearing the (some pre-recorded, some live?)crowds in the stands is very strange in 2020.
    Interesting to see Gronk:Brady back in action, and rolling like they used to this week.
    Glad they've gone to the Bucs as its just another reason for me to truly hate that franchise.

    This though:­ive/2020/09/how-covid-19-reveals-cruelty­-pro-football/616261/

    Is an interesting read.

    Also- I'm not sure I'm on board with the Las Vegas Raiders thing.

    Finally- I'll admit I watch the Saints at times just to see how the namesake is doing.

  • Las Vegas Raiders thing

    Fuck that entire franchise.

    Texans now paying for trading away too many draft picks - O and D lines are terrible right now. Can't stop the run and Watson taking way too many hits. Going to be a long season.

  • I watch the Saints every week, not pretty atm

  • Follow the Seahawks having been to Century link field a few times. Having a great, tense start to the season. Wilson is on fire.

  • Wilson has looked great and he seems to have loads of time in the pocket now they have ditched the run-first approach. The Cowboys' (spits) secondary was very hit and miss on Sunday: either everyone was covered or they got badly torched deep. Some of Wilson's throws had beautiful placement.

  • Ding dong the wicked witch is dead...

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  • I'm anticipating a similar course for Shanahan.
    Losing to the Eagles...

  • 'Niners have been badly hit by injuries and the lack of depth is not entirely on his shoulders. Going to a SB will buy him until the end of the season. Falcons will need a new HC soon though. Jets too.

  • LOL the Texans subreddit is flooded with fans from every other team in the league popping in to congratulate Texans fans on the change.

  • I’m enjoying watching the browns, become the team that pundits thought they’d be last year (easy schedule so far I know, and they haven’t made it easy on themselves either) got a soft spot for Jarvis Landry and myles Garret after their turn on hard knocks.

    Am currently wondering whether the chiefs can go undefeated this season. Hot take I know but if the defence can throttle Baltimore, and even on a down day Mahomes can get them past New England (I know they’re not the same without Brady, but still Belichick will drag them to double digit wins by scheme and Will alone) think it might be possible.
    Also liking the rise of buffalo after being so shit for so long, especially after the false hope of Rex ryan, but josh Allen’s got to look after the ball better when he goes running.

  • Another week, another impossible time of day for watching Packers. 4-0 start is encouraging though.

    Who knows; maybe Sky will show us next weekend (bye this week)

  • The Pack look good. They seem to have a good scheme that overcomes their shortage of super dangerous offensive options. Rodgers looks phenomenal so far.

  • I like Allen but they need help on the receiving front to create more targets for him.

    Patriots will be fine but entirely dependent on Newton who looks pretty amazing in the first 3 games before his diagnosis.

    The Browns haven't been good since the late 60s. They are the West Bromwich Albion of the NFL. Occasionally they flash something for part of the season but the Cowboys are a mess defensively and made them look better than they have recently. Myles Garret should not even be playing this year - his suspension last year was too short.

  • Rodgers looks phenomenal so far.

    Let's hope it's not another season where he gets injured. He's so critical to any success we'll see.
    We're not shutting anyone out so keeping the scoreboard ticking over is the only way we'll keep the wins coming.

  • I think the bills are good for receiving targets, diggs, Beasley, and brown, they might lack depth and I’ve never heard of their tight ends, but they’ve got enough catching the ball to see them right.

    I like Garrett, I’ll say I thought his suspension was a bit harsh personally, he shouldn’t have done what he did, but (shrugs shoulders) he’s still (from what little I’ve seen of him on the telly box -and articles I’ve read) a decent human being and I’d err on the side of giving him a second chance sooner rather than banishing him for however long..

  • One of the rules is you don't try and physically injure another player, certainly when unprotected, and you don't excuse your actions with a retrospective accusation of racism that you refuse for formalise because you know it's BS as none of mic-ed up players, audio team or 50 cameras corroborate your version of events.

    Not a fan.

  • Exactly same boat here, if Wilson goes down......

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American football

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