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  • Fuck. Missed the key bit and it wasn’t good.

  • As much as I want to see the Eagles D-Line chase down McCaffrey at QB, even I feel sorry for the 49ers at this point.

  • Give it CMC. Go on. Go on. Go on. Go on.

  • Eagles 49ers a bit of a damp squib after purdy got bounced out of the game.
    Wanted the 49ers to lose but wanted the game to be competitive. 49ers defense kept them in it for a bit and then took them out of it with needless penalties..

    Eagles chiefs will be an exciting super bowl. Chiefs defense did enough to limit the bengals offense at key times and mahomes was mobile enough to move in the pocket and hit some key passes..

    Two weeks of mind numbing media tedium ad hundreds of journalists look for an “angle” on the coaches or players.

  • I reckon that the Cinci no. 58 got no sleep last night. Nightmare of a decision at the end there.

  • Heh heh heh

    Looking forward to the offseason....

  • Also 1988, Doug Williams became the first black QB in the Super Bowl.

    This year we have 2. Finally. Very overdue.

    Side note - Doug Williams was filling in for an injured Mark Rypien. Mark Rypien's nephew played QB for the Broncos this year.

  • Sean Payton to Denver! Hmmmm!
    Feels like he’s going to be in the same draft pick starved situation he just left in New Orleans, but with new owners who don’t mind splashing the cash.
    Looking forward to how he can improve the offence with Wilson at the controls..

  • Tom Brady retires, again.

  • Hopefully it lasts this time.

  • Drop Wilson would be a start.

  • Wilson has 10 games to revitalise his career. Only Payton has enough clout to bench him.

    I know that Ryans has long term connections to Houston, but he looked at the Denver situation, as someone who game planned against Wilson for 6 years, and said "nope."

    That is pretty damning given Denver's defense.

  • 100% really pleased with the Ryan hire. Now hope we draft well for once.

  • I cannot wait to see what he does with Pitrie and Stingley

  • Was listening to the around the nfl podcast and it seems Payton was looking for as much control and money as possible. So if Wilson isn’t up to much he’ll be able to ship him out without any issue. Wonder who he’ll get in as gm or if he’ll deal with personnel and cap issues himself. Got the sense from the podcast that he’ll be as much of a one man organisation as has ever existed in the nfl, and without billionaire cash behind him to keep adding talent as the salary cap rises year on year..

  • Wonder who he’ll get in as gm or if he’ll deal with personnel and cap issues himself.

    It's what he did in New Orleans.

    Amazing that the Broncos basically have 3-4 years of no draft capital, a 34 year old QB with minimal weapons who is using 25% of the salary cap led by a coach with a pretty chequered past, and competing in the same division as Mahomes and Herbert.

    Yeesh. At least the Raiders are a bigger QB dumpster fire with no defense.

  • A bit of fortuitous timing on s trip to see family saw my drive from the airport in Houston co-incide with the live broadcast of the Demeco Ryans introductory presser.

    Damn I am excited about this hire.

  • A. Please enjoy some chicken fried steak on my behalf and a few lone stars. Bit early for the rodeo though.

    B. Why are we not moving for Carr? I haven’t been on the forums for a while but he would be a great QB to build a squad around then draft the next best thing no?

    1. I am too full of tacos to contemplate anything else right now.

    2. No one will trade for Carr, he'll get released. Texans don't fit his criteria and probably associates us with getting his brother killed every Sunday.­23/02/02/derek-carr-has-no-intention-of-­extending-trigger-date-on-his-contract/

  • Truth BBQ actually is my request to live through you.

    Yeah fair to be honest. His brother wasn’t exactly a success.

  • So the last time I saw Philadelphia Eagles reach great heights (okay they probably were up there since) Randall Cunningham (12) aka the scrambler was wearing two different boots on the field of play, either it was a fashion statement or an endorsement of different brands.

    He could kick long too, maybe the kicking boot was for that.

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  • What’s everyone doing for ‘the big game’ on Sunday? I’m thoroughly thoroughly buzzing.

  • Super Bowls are shite to watch live.

    Highlights Monday morning here. Zero interest in the “spectacle”

  • Our little football gang get together for a Superbowl breakfast, so that those with kids and that can join in - then we're all meeting back up later on for the game. We're taking over a local cafe for the morning, then heading to someone's house for the evening.

    Personally I don't want either team to win - but I guess I probably hate the Eagles slightly less than the Chiefs.

  • Start at a new job in Monday. So obviously I’m meeting a friend to watch it in a local sports bar and then going to feel awful the next day.

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American football

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