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  • Lions / Bears game was very, very good.

  • Bills Vikings ludicrous as well!

  • That JJ one-hander was unbelievable.

  • Also - the Raiders are a complete disaster. Maybe Belichek didn't hire an OC in the offseason because he knew he's get Josh McDaniel back by week 12.

  • Bills Vikings game of the season.

    Bears Lions game a close second, felt that g as me was played in amazing spirit of, that’s great now watch this. Okundo Fields battle was for the ages.

    Good to see Saturday get the win as well after all the talk. The colts looked up for it the first time all year, still not great but trying at least.

    Davis Mills still stinks.

  • Davis Mills still stinks.

    Pretty much. I was hoping for more progression but not really seeing it.

    Also Cooks negotiated and signed the guaranteed contract and then complains that the Texans won't pay for his salary to trade him to go to cap-strapped contenders. He can do one.

  • I’d rather we sat Cooks his whole contract and he never plays another snap in the league. He’s never been an elite level receiver and now acts like this? Fuck’im.

    Nah Mills has hit his ceiling I think sadly. I was hoping we could build a core around him then draft a QB1 to take us to the promise land, division title game, definitely the other way now sadly.

    How long till Manning makes the league again?….

  • Heh heh heh

  • Manning has only just committed to University of Texas. At least 3 years, 4-5 if he red-shirts.

  • Get him next rebuild…

  • Endless rebuild.

    But we don't end up all buff and ready to destroy everything at the end.

  • was watching redzone, and then had to put jnr to bed, checked on the scores, lions bears went from 10-10 to 24-10 bears, and I knew Detroit wasn't coming back from that. sad face! Got back to the screen for the later kickoffs and saw Detroit squeeze out the win! Ha! Good for the lions, back to back wins, first away win in over 2yrs, they've got a chance to double their win total before the end of the season, which would be good for the overall health of the franchise if not their chances of no.1 pick in the draft. But it's good to see them dig out another win.

    Bills Vikings, was like that rams chiefs game from a few years back or bills chiefs from last season, high scoring, down to the wire, both offenses and defenses playing well. Feels like the Vikings are for real, even with Kirk Cousins, and Josh Allen's got to be sick at losing two in a row like that. Hoping he goes on a revenge tour the rest of the season.

  • Losing an unbeaten run in a match that has an over/under of +11.5. I guess the lack of turnovers finally caught up with the Eagles.

  • Heinecke is just the guy

  • Holy shit that game. As a WAS fan I was constantly waiting for the penny to drop and us to find a way to lose it. Can’t believe quite how many long drives we sustained to keep the ball out of Hurts hands. First couple of drives it looked like it was going to be PHI scoring at will.

  • Watching Green Bay stutter on 3rd down and ultimately 4th down, during the titans game, (highlights) feels like their season is over, at least if they believe they can make a run at the playoffs.
    Watching Rodgers drop back and pat and pat and pat the ball waiting for someone to get open, before getting sacked or throwing it in the general direction of a receiver, makes me sad. Not sure if it’s a failure of scheme, the titans defense being really good, or green bays receivers not being good, but if they can’t convert third down if they get there, they’re not going to be scoring enough.

  • Not sure if Rodgers needs more ayuhausca trips or not. Whatever it is that pulls his head out of his arse. He's been poor this year. Just poor.

  • One for @villa-ru and his Bears­QS4

    Good breakdown of how they Bears are stressing defenses with Fields as part of the running attack.

  • Glad the Lions got their third win on the spin. Had a sneaky feeling they'd beat the Giants, but didn't want to say it out loud. Looking good currently in their bid to return to .500 and relevancy. Chance to watch some more locker room victory videos.

  • He was horrific today.

    As is the bears record and that took me by surprise.

    Texans still stink.

  • I only watch the YT NFL highlights.
    T'other week the Patriots vs the Colts was an insult to the great Brady vs Manning matches.
    This week's Patriots vs the Jets must be one of the worst matches this millenium,
    complete with a Belichikian ending!

  • Texans finally reflected our record and payback for Lovie firing Rivera years ago in Chicago
    Vikings looked more like who I thought they would be
    Zach Wilson was awful
    Broncos offense is as inept as ours
    Atlanta are really more than the sum of their parts

    This is the weird time of the season when suddenly good teams start getting beaten because coaches have 8 weeks of tape to review. Their tendencies and schemes are more obvious and can be countered (Giants). Other teams start so get back players lost to injury last season so they get a mid-season refresh and turn things around (Titans, Commanders).

    Now is when the season gets interesting.

  • I still think Heinecke would be great in NRG.

    Could build a proper team around him then draft a generational QB

  • This would be lost on the memes thread

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  • Biden just might do that. The orange crybaby would not.

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American football

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