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  • I'm still confused by how Kliff Kingsbury and the GM in Arizona got extensions, Kingsbury still hasn't proven he can convert talent into playoff wins, and the great quarterback whisperer, genius offensive mind, can't seem to get the best out of Kyler (who seems to spend an inordinate amount of time, just going full Russell Wilson, and heading directly off schedule.
    I'm hoping the second coming of Todd Bowles, isn't cut short as soon as Brady is proven mortal, and that Lovie Smith doesn't get cut loose, because of his old school football ways..

    Ps the man crush on Dan Campbell grows ever larger, have no idea who Skip is in this video, and what he did to deserve it, but the shout out from Dan and the rest of the team made me tear up a bit..­bC8

  • I'm hoping the second coming of Todd Bowles, isn't cut short as soon as Brady is proven mortal, and that Lovie Smith doesn't get cut loose, because of his old school football ways.

    Tampa Bay looked good against the Saints who have had the upper hand against them for a while. I hope Bowles stays and can rebuild that team.

    Lovie will be safe for the next 2 years. There is no pressure on us, we are the season long underdogs. That will hold true for next season too.

    Both the Texans and Broncos played good defense yesterday. Mills missed a few easy ones and he needs to get better at the short / intermediate passes. Overall we played OK given the limits of our team but I cannot wait to see our secondary improve week on week.

    The Broncos would expect to steamroll the Texans at home but did not so that looks bad for them. Wilson looked distinctly average and his shtick as "eager, always positive, corporate VP" is not a substitute for a personality. I genuinely wonder how long it is before the locker room starts to leak stories about his popularity. I think they will live to regret that massive extension they just gave him.

  • Also Daboll has done an excellent job with the Giants so far. Jones looks closer to a QB and Barkley is back to busting through the line. It's amazing how much Judge was in over his head with that team.

  • Current mood after MNF

  • Just reading an article in the athletic and this is why campbell gave the shoutout to “skip”

    Dan Skipper — the man who has never broken camp with a roster and started his first career game Sunday

  • Article from the athletic (££ paywall) greasing the wheels and aiming to rehabilitate the perception and change the narrative for josh mccown making the jump from ex player to head coach.­22/nfl-josh-mccown-coach/?source=user_sh­ared_article

    Colour me dubious about this, seems the Texans weren’t the only ones making a run at him for head coach over the last couple of seasons, because if he is offered a head coaching job over black candidates, it would be the ultimate owner fuck you to coaches of colour, that even being twice or three times as good, as experienced, or as well liked by their players as white coaches, they’ll still never get the big chair because they don’t look like the men that are doing the hiring..
    Also if a black gm hires him, they need to take a long hard look at themselves..

  • Urgh. Agreed. I almost gagged reading that. Like a soppy made-for-TV movie. "He has a servant's heart" JFC.

    He might me the next great head coach. But I might be too. I like football. I'm from Texas. I have a kid. My old bosses and colleagues liked me. We're both more qualified than any coach in the league, right?

  • Agree.
    I’ve got no issue with him being offered a job as a quarterbacks coach, I’d humph a bit at him not having any college coaching experience, but I could live with it, then doing offensive Co-ordinator somewhere, then polishing his resume for a head coaching interview.
    But to be already being offered head coaching jobs off the back of him being a nice guy/team mate, having a head for football (whatever the fuck that means) and having been a journeyman qb in the league, does a disservice to every black coach whose had to grind in the league and has hit the ceiling of defensive co-ordinator. And even if they do get a head coaching job, they get a year or two on a team that’s 3 yrs away from being good, get them moving in the right direction. Get fired because they’re never given as much time as their white counterparts and never get another chance at the big chair, unlike their white counterparts. See Brian Flores, steve Wilkes, Raheem Morris, Todd Bowles, etc

    And the thing is mccown could be a great coach, the second coming of bill Walsh, or belichick but it would still be fucking premature and racist.

    I also point you to the flack that the steelers got for hiring Tomlin, and the grief he got for his lack of experience, until the steelers won a super bowl, and he like his three predecessors, kept the steelers relevant and competitive year after year. So much so, no one ever brings up the circumstances of his hiring in anything other than a positive light.

  • Warren Moon was a better QB. So was RG III, Daunte Culpepper, Randall Cunningham and Doug Williams.

    All well liked, good team mates, etc....

    Even won some games. As starters!

  • Went to bed at half time because I'm old so pleasantly surprised to see that we held on against the Bucs.

    I will never not enjoy Brady losing. He broke two more tablets last night too. At this point, you have to assume Microsoft are paying him to break them for PR.

  • I will never not enjoy Brady losing.


    Also. This is amazing.

  • Has the nfl over the left few years become more hot takey or are hot takes just how we digest all sports now?
    Maybe it’s the truncated season in relation to the other us sports, but I’m noticing it’s either the sky is falling or this team is a dynasty after every week of play and we’re only three games in.

  • I think it's always been this way. The one that always gets me is the 'generational' QB talent available in the draft every other year for the last 20.

  • Has the nfl over the left few years become more hot takey or are hot takes just how we digest all sports now?

    I think it is more recent. Like visual click bait. Part of it is hype and the need for eyeballs / ears for the media. The League itself pays for two official "Insiders" to feed their media content generation within the wider media (Rappaport and Schefter).

    If you like less hot take content then I recommend the Chris Simms podcast - he's got the longer term perspective and generally does a good job of admitting where he previous takes were wrong and how it got it wrong.

    (Chris is an ex-NFL QB for the Bucs and Broncos, famous for rupturing his his spleen in a game and for being the son of HoF QB Phil Simms. I like his stuff a lot)

    Any one in particular? Hope you are not watching Good Morning Football - that show is absolute trash.

  • Last night I managed to catch the live taping of the Around the NFL podcast in London. That was a great night out.

    Did anyone see the Tua tape from last night? Grim as fuck. As usual, Tree is bang on about this.

    (Warning: footage of Tua post hit may be hard to watch. Also. VERY sweary.)­wyw

  • I agree with the guy though, how on earth was he allowed to play after the hit he took last week?

  • Stuff going on in London this weekend obviously, not looking good for the Saints though with Jameis and MT both out, AK questionable

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  • We get to watch the Red Rifle! He's like Kirk Cousins before Kirk Cousins came along.

    Anyone else going to the game? Happy to meet up for beers and chatting shit beforehand in the pouring rain. I will be the only person in Texans gear - should be easy to spot.

  • Can’t do beers before the game but I’ll be here tonight for a couple of hours if you’re brave

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  • Last night I managed to catch the live taping of the Around the NFL podcast in London.

    Jealous of that, really enjoy their banter.

  • It was really, really good to see the banter live. Audience was super friendly and they were genuinely appreciative. Nice vibe. I had good seats but still had rubbish photos.

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  • That looks like great fun. Enjoy!

  • That was absolutely hilarious. They could not handle him!

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American football

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