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  • Good to have some games back, if only preseason.

    Watson's apology hilarious, very much "I'm sorry that you're upset"... Taking tips from the Tories.

  • Interesting article on Brandon Staley’s analytics led approach to going for it on 4th down and trying to change the culture/mindset at the chargers.

  • So many careers ending in the next couple of weeks as rosters get cut down to 53. Lots of dreams ending, including that of Shaquem Griffin who made the decision to retire. He wrote a nice article about his next steps -­shaquem-griffin-nfl-football-retirement.

  • Nice breakdown of Kenny Pickett by Brett Kollmann. Also useful for the step by step look into the decision making that goes into each snap for a QB.­0o4

  • Ignore me, week early haha.

  • The Florida State LSU game was fantastic

  • Bills looked good last night - you win titles in the trenches and their O & D lines had a really good night with some large holes for the RBs and lots of pressure and sacks on Stafford. Weird turnovers - highly contested catches in narrow windows and some heavy contact created fumbles from the RBs; it is difficult to prevent those.

    Not enough variety of targets for the Rams and they looked a bit one dimensional - they need to get Robinson into the game more. None of the play fakes will work without a more threatening ground game either. They'll get better.

  • Bills rookies were incredible for such a game.

  • Post game press conference was a bit brutal

  • Holy shit. The opening round of games have been outstandingly dramatic. NFL Red Zone FTW

  • Saints had the greatest comeback in their history against the one team we’d want it to happen against. I’m not convinced but I’m happy.

    I only watched the Saints last night then went to bed, so looking forward to catching up on everything else tonight on YouTube.

  • Good win last night, bamboozling stuff from Hackett at the end.

    Thought Gino was ok, hope Adams isn't out for the season!

  • Anyone going to the Vikings / Saints game? They just released a few single seats and I managed to grab one.

  • Yep, we upgraded our season ticket seats for both Spurs stadium games. Looking forward to it after having a year off last year - we're about 6 rows from the front this time!

  • Let me know if you are up to meet for a drink beforehand. I am in the top of the lower section, near the 30 yard line - section 119.

  • Best meme from yesterday

    "Broncos Country! Left Wide!"

  • NFL Gamepass + Chromecast is utter bliss.

    Any game on demand, unedited US broadcasts, actual in game updates, no Sky talking heads....

    Lions are playing really well. Defense and special teams are killing Washington right now

  • Rolling with the red zone coverage on sky sports.
    Detroit laying wood to Washington, hoping they keep it up. Need the win to lay the foundation for the coming season, no more playing them tough and losing out. Time to start winning.
    Trubisky doing trubisky things, have no idea what Pittsburgh sees in him. He’ll lose you more games than he’ll win.
    And Miami and tua coming down to earth with a big bump from Baltimore..

  • Wentz may get Rivera fired at this rate.

    Lamar Jackson is such a freak show. Great fun watching him play, he is one of the very special ones.

  • The 4th quarter of tbe Miami Baltimore game is bonkers right now.

  • How does Jackson completely ball out and still lose this game? He has a near perfect passer rating and over 100 yds on the ground. Bonkers.

    Tua looked great today.

  • Came home from an evening out and put the Raiders game on just before halftime to see a 20-0 score. Result.

    So how the fuck did we manage to end up losing to the bloody Cardinals? We're nothing if not consistently disappointing, it's remarkable.

  • Some good games this weekend, not for me though.

    Can't tell if Woolen and Jackson are the best or worst CB due....

    Nice to see Trev do well, and Tua too as a lefty

  • Found out my parents have Redzone - first time watching it last night and what a roller coaster!

  • Just watching the extended highlights of that game.

    Both teams offenses looked terrible - weird, uncreative, with odd schemes that don't take advantage of their available tools.

    Adams should be more of a vertical threat that stretches the offense and opens up more receiving threats.

    Arizona still looks like a college team on offense. Where was Brown or Ertz? Blah. Just unwatchable.

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American football

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