1/8" chain on 3/32" ring/sprocket - problem??

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  • Just wondering, as i've found the loveliest chain but if it means i have to purchase new sprocket+ring to use it i'm gonna pass... anyone know? fanks.

  • did you mean 1/8 chain and 3/32 ring and sprocket?

    1/8 chain is bigger than 3/32 teeth so wont be a problem

  • 11/8 chain, man that be some big ass cog must be well heavy.

  • Hi. I think I know what you mean, and these clowns^ probably do too.
    I've been running a 1/8 chain on a 3/32 chainring for a while. The chainring is alloy and it has some very gnarly wear on it, kind of pushed outwards into sharp edges on the teeth. I haven't had any real problem with it though. Probably better to concentrate on what chainring you've got, then buy a chain to fit it ... how important can the chain be? Is it all pink or something? I've heard the coloured ones tend to be a bit shit.

  • thanks, yes 1/8th ca 3/32nds was what was meant. sounds good, so i guess it could be possible...

    @skullhead: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Model­s.aspx?ModelID=11288 thats the one, its a beaut and strong as hell...

    anyways thanks for the response.

  • Are you building a tank? Solid. 25 gn

  • Has anyone ridden a single-speed with 1/8" chainring and chain with a 3/32" sprocket long enough to vouch the combination won't damage the sprocket or otherwise be a pain?

  • Its fine.

  • what he says

  • Thanks, guys.

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1/8" chain on 3/32" ring/sprocket - problem??

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