• What's the postage like for your backpack? Quite fancy the hip pouch, on the Etsy shop, postage looks a bit much for a small pouch...

  • The cobra buckle looks pretty rad too. Wonder if it'll fit my PAC as the plastic one doesn't seem that strong (though it still works after 5 years)

  • The pack was £173 (not bad post-Brexit exchange rate that day) and with shipping it brought it up to £212. Not a bad price all in all for what looks to be a great bag.

    For me definitely better value than some of the more famous names.

  • BRP and my ex both use them on their hand made bags, I have a few of those. Honestly truth is I don't like them. They are heavy and once the paint starts to chip, and it happens very quickly, it's an eye sore. If you wanna give them a go, my ex used to get them off ebay for a lot cheaper.

  • You dealt with them directly instead of the etsy site, I presume?

  • there was someone on selling it on the forum few months back. if my mw fitzroy would fail one day I think this bag would be my choice! I mailed them long ago and they asked a lot for shipping to eu.

  • I've coveted a bigxtop for climbing/everyday for a long time, price is on point compared to many other options as well.
    The simple truth is though that I have a couple of mid 90's Karrimor 30l Hot Earth bags. They're amazingly comfortable, built like trucks and can resist being dropped down and dragged back up cliffs.
    I suspect the current offerings(SF excepted) aren't quite as solid but older ones are cheap as chips on ebay and will probably outlast your grandkids.
    Not as fancy as a lot of the modern offerings but still worth a look.

  • I have a Karrimor SF and its v v good.

  • I can vouch for quality on the bigxtop daysacks. Waterproof and can be customised if you want any extra features, which could be the case if youre using it for climbing

  • I have a daysack they're good, but I'd get ice axe loops added (or a couple of molle-style rows across the bottom of the front so you can attach extra gear) if you go custom. I think the roll top version has something like this.

  • This is a mod Jordan did on a daysack a while back, might be what youre looking for

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    • Screenshot_20160815-122044.jpg
  • Yeah, pretty much exactly that!

  • Advice for ladies backpack that doesn’t rub against sports bras etc? Asking for a friend. @lolabelle @mands @Scoot @Yasi

  • Damnit I need me one of those bigxtop things...

  • Saw these at Decathlon recently, was impressed:


    Didn't look like they'd hold up to being filled with bricks or whatever, but packed down small enough to go in your pocket, which was pretty neat. Will be picking one up for next time we go away for sure.

  • I’d buy the bigtop bag in a heart beat if they were bigger.

    Edit - what L are they?!

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