• scott not scot [quote]SMEEAR scott turned up in my life

    ...Every stop i make...i make a new friend...
    can't stay for long,just turn around and i'm gone again...
    maybe tomorrow...i'll wanna settle down...
    until tomorrow,i'll just keep moving on....

    Now name that tune....:)[/quote]

    god i loved that program as a kid

    (yes i was born a goat)

  • What with my recently diagnosed lower back problems (said it before: damn missing vertreba!), I need to trade in my trusty old Timbuktu for something that is waterproof, but that evenly distributes the weight carried across both shoulders, and maybe even lower back...

    It needs to be big enough to take a laptop and change of clobber to work on a regular basis, or cram all my groceries in, be waterproof, but not so wood as to obscure my extended peripheral vision... Not picky then.

    1. There is the x-strap on certain, newer messenger bags, like Scott's: anyone got any input on how much they work, or whether they just end up throttling you?

    2. Otherwise, I seem to recall a prototype of his rucksack somewhere, though my knackered noggin can't remember who had it. Anybody? (Or even: Scott, how's that looking, in terms of time/specs?)

    3. Any other input on two-strap designs? I thought about the Ortlieb Velocity, but it seems pretty wide. And borderline fugly...

    My back is getting a bit worse lately, so I'd really appreciate any help on this one. Cheers all!

  • I have one of these and been through some pretty bad rain with it. Totally waterproof and a really good bag.

  • wow r u the nicest bloke ever? Can't wait to get a bag off you (i'll drop you an email when i have the notes).

  • I got the one listed on wiggle, however there is a bigger one you can get elsewhere in black only. This is a bit wider though. The bags are super hard wearing.

  • Yep, you are officially the loveliest chap in the whole world!

    Basically, my issues with the Ortlieb are: it seems pretty "boxy," with no pockets, loops, or places to keep shit that are easy to reach; it lacks compression straps or anything to shrink it down much; as I said before, it is pretty damn fu-gu-ly; whilst I don't know that I'll ever need a Muna (no offense), sometimes not everything in life is perfectly German square (anyone eat Ritter Sport? "Square. Practical. Good."); it ain't the prettiest lass on the block.

    Plus, I'd frankly rather give you my money than lump it into an even remotely large company.

    Pending further input, I guess the issue is then: less money on an Ortlieb and hope it doesn't drive up the wall (given my current brokeness, this is sadly rather attractive); go for an Archie, and trust in your empathy and seemingly holy x-strap; or wait for... a... little ... longer.

    Thanks for the help so far, man. Appreciated more than the painkillers I should probably be taking today. (Bad day.)

  • don't mean to steal your trade scott
    but here are two other options


    they look pretty versatile, lots of pockets, not as good as scotts tho
    hope this helps

  • Thanks dude.
    A large version of the top Chrome went on ebay recently, which is what got me thinking that other options might actually be viable... The top one, however, seems to sit quite high on the back with a few points about vision obscuring raised in reviews. There's something about the bottom bag, which always seem a little, well, flimsy though. No?
    Anyone know if they're stocked anywhere in London?

  • condor are a chrome dealer, don't know if they would have theses in stock
    i don't know if they are flimsy, but i'm too keen on the look of 'em
    i'd say go with a gro bag, also less visibilty problems, at least over one shoulder

  • that roll top chrome is nice, or so i have herd

  • reload backpacks are the best. sorry scott, haven't seen one of yours. reload is nice and narrow, so it doesn't hamper you ability to fit in narrow apces, but is tall enough to carry loads of stuff, they are tough as nails, super comfy, look good, etc, etc. great bags, i've had one for 3 years, which i bought used from a mate in boston (he'd had it for a year or so). fits laptops really well, and is the perfect size for daily stuff, but will cram full if oyu wanna take it on a trip, you could probably live out of it for a week or so. go for the midpack they're ace.

    oh, and freight baggage are really good too, liots of space but has cinch straps to make it smaller, though they're a little on the wide side. go with the 'small' size with them.

  • I bought one of the Chrome bags (the ranchero) from the states for my girlfriend for Christmas. It's been a total mission getting it over here, but I will be getting my hands on it later today and so can let you know how it looks. There's a pretty good review of messenger backpacks on fixed gear gallery as well. Another home grown option is this one from project tortoise - made in London:


  • Just got my hands on the Chrome. Looks good - quite wide and flat (as opposed to the boxier shape of the ortlieb). Looks very well made with a few good sized and placed pockets but otherwise pretty simple. My only concern is whether the top corners will obscure vision on the bike but won't know that till later when the lady tries it out. Harness system looks well designed and comfortable - again the only thing here is that there is no waist strap but I think that should be ok on the bike where weight is on the lower back, rather than the hips.

  • I agree - I find waist straps on bikes can make it harder to breathe as well if they're too tight. The chest strap really helps stabilise the bag though.

    Will post some pics of the ranchero and also of my new project tortoise bag (not backpack) to show everyone the kinda stuff that yasu is making.

  • Sounds good.
    Nice to see my options are hardly limited...

  • hey addie, there is also the other option of making you own, to your size
    there is a lot of information on Bike Forums . net SSFG section
    It has information on materials, what to use, its probably only an option if there isn't a rush, but it would be more personal
    sorry if this confuses your choice even more

  • Balls Flickwig. I just spent a good 40 minutes of my life not doing any work, but looking at cap and bag patters.
    Damn/thank you.
    Not sure which.

    Must. Learn. How. To. Sew.
    (Queue more "junk" in my house, to join the bikes, tools, parts, old print press, and far, far, far too many books.)

  • sorry about that, i want to sew a small top tube protector, but thats not much of a project

    i was thinking of starting a top tube company, but i've always got too much to do and not enough time, ooh and i'm a bit lazy

  • Another one of those collective projects maybe?
    I'm getting my first sewing machine lesson this weekend (gawd bless ya mam), as I've got a machine knocking around, then it's all down hill from there.

    Unless it becomes a realistic source of income (á la Smeear and Everyone's Favourite Scott) then it'll always be a hobby.
    That said, there must be cooler fabrics than just those Yanco ones... Hmmmmm [rustles hands like Mister Burns].

  • well don't mean to upset you but its not as simple as fabrics
    they have to be tough and waterproof - that limits choice
    as does getting hold of them, this can be expensive,as most of them are wholesale, which means huge amounts and large overheads (just ask scott)

    what i want to find is wholesale on airplane seat buckles - but i haven't found that yet
    but hobby is the most likely idea

  • Yep, saw those a while back, but was looking for input from more trusted sources.
    i.e. you wonderfully mangy lot.

  • hmmmm... those could be external dimensions for hand luggage limits?

  • I'm looking for a relatively small rucksack for cycling with (borrowed the other half's hiking one and it was too high and prevented me looking far ahead/up comfortably). I think I want about 20l, enough room for laptop, lunch, random crap I may be carrying to work, hers was 37l and I only need about half that. Budget wise I am looking around £40-60, I am large (6'4" and 50" chest) so something that has decent length straps, I guess the option for a camelback type reservoir would be nice but not essential. So far I've looked at the Deuter bags on Wiggle (bike 1 and superbike), and Amazon (I have £40 vouchers to use) have the camelback Hawg.

    anyone care to suggest anything else?

  • Rapha do a neat small back pack, I believe...v. expensive though, as you would expect...prolly above budget, but worth taking a look at

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