For Sale: Small fixed-gear/single-speed bike

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  • Don't normally put ads like this up. GF's bike got stolen and build her this one, but it's to big. Instead of taking it apart again I would rather offer it to someone here. Specially since it's nice and a small hard to get size.

    Seat tube - 49cm/cc
    top tube - 52cm/cc

    Unbranded Reynolds 531 frame (new)
    Campagnolo brakes and brakelevers
    Campagnolo track hubs (with freewheel atm)
    Rigida dp18 deep v rims
    Campagnolo seatpost with rolls saddle
    Tange stainless steel headset
    Campagnolo track crank set (170mm)
    New vredestein tyres
    New campagnolo bb
    3t handlebars (40cm) and stem (80mm)

    price: 525 o.n.o.

    Whisper me if you're interested.

  • what? no one?

  • lovely looking thing, great photos... but way too small...

  • nice bike - but a bit on the pricey side tho IMO

  • too big for her huh? how tall is she?
    I'd love to get my girly on this but she'd probably want 'mixte'

  • jonny nice bike - but a bit on the pricey side tho IMO

    ONO ;)

  • what dogsballs said.

    But seriously for those parts....

  • .. Exactly - those hubs and that chainset alone can cost 190GN on a good (bad) Eday.
    Might be putting a few people off, but they could easily trade them on for a less bling bike.

  • is it still on offer?
    it's appealing but I would only be able to offer something like 370

  • I'd like to buy this bike, but, yeah, I'm not sure about the price.. any discounts?

  • If it hasn't sold since 2008 then the owner may well have topped themselves.


For Sale: Small fixed-gear/single-speed bike

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