Gazelle? Does anyone know anything about them?

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  • I'll put some more pics on the Instagram page later. But fuck me this frame is cool. 731os CX prototype. I really really want one!!

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  • Holy hamburgers that's giving me primitive feeelings. I'm not even mad at the unicrown....

  • I was looking for one of these for ages and one pops up when I'm skint.... sods law.

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  • OMG I can't believe this thread is still alive! I remember lusting after some of the pics in the first pages, a Gazelle was my classic road bike goal rather than something Italian like all my friends have (when Dutch then..), and I might have even posted something somewhere.

    Then life priorities got in the way and I sort of forgot about the LFGSS community (sorry!), even when in fact I did built up two Gazelles three years ago for me and my wife. Again new life priorities and then also covid made them nice wall decorations to look at. It's only this june/july that we are actually using them, after various new insights and slight changes made them the bikes I intended them to be.

    I stumbled upon this thread again when this week my son and I decided to build a Gazelle together and I wanted to show him my humble beginnings...Perhaps this time I should post in the Current Projects thread when we get started :-)

  • Ok here they are, they are pretty much brand new bikes with new-old-stock Campagnolo groupsets and parts, 3TTT and other goodies as well:

    First pic is my wife's bike, a new-old-stock 1995 Team frameset, colour Purple Blue (?), size 57, with a 2005 Centaur groupset and Skeletons, 10-speed 50/40 with 12-27 cassette, wheels Novatec hubs, Centaur skewers though, and Mavic CD4 rims with 25 Challenge tires;

    Second pic is my 1992 Champion Mondial AA-Special, restored frame with a 1995 Team straight blade fork, colour Brussels Blauw, size 60, with a 2003 Chorus groupset, 10-speed 52/42 with 14-28 cassette, wheels also 2003 Chorus with Ambrosio rims, fits like a glove when I ride it!

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  • Lovely pair of bikes.

  • They are both stunning!

  • Very clean builds, very lovely the both of them 🙌

  • Thank you, this means a lot coming from forum members, very happy with these bikes.

  • Rides like a dream!

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  • Lovely.

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  • Niiiiice! What’s the asking price? Got a link?

  • Damn. Sorry. Was Facebook and now I can't find it

  • Ah no worries - looked on there as soon as you posted, can’t afford it and wouldn’t have ridden it anyway…

  • Ahh, I have a real soft spot for these unassuming Gazelles :) Here's mine in its current form, built it up as my fair weather work bike but tbh only been out a handful of times this past year (fixed gear for work is way too much fun). Fast AF tho! The dream would be to some day complement it with the pista in the same color scheme...

  • If that was a 57... I would be all over that!

  • Saw this big ass Gazelle champion Mondial in kingston

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  • Crikey, that is massive! Pretty old too.

  • Had a Piet De Wit a few years back ;-)

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  • cross-post so hope that's excused but am selling my beloved Super AA frame and forks 531C - was my commuter s/s and loved it but now Hastings based and not commuting­26/

  • I don't think I've seen any AA-Super without the seatpost indent. I thought all AA-Super are SWB. Interested to know how this is different over an AA-Special.

  • Oh, sorry, I am happy to amend to a special if that is the case. I only ever went on the 531c and the internal routing of the cables...what is a seatpost indent and what is SWB? I've had the frame for years but am not an afficionado as you can tell. I bought it, resprayed it and used it as a London ss commuter. And loved it.

  • Amended, having looked I see what you mean about the indent bit at the bottom. Price dropped a wee bit too thanks @skullandbiscuits

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Gazelle? Does anyone know anything about them?

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