Gazelle? Does anyone know anything about them?

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  • well, no dice. he said both that he got it new, and that he hasnt ridden it more than 20times! 800 was his last offer and its just ridic. the search for a cool steel cx bike continues! thanks for your help!

  • That sucks, but there are other gems to find. What's your size? If I run into anything near the german border in the locals, I might be able to give a shout out.

    Cyclocross fiets maat 54 merk Bogardi
    € 150,00­utm_source=android_social&utm_content=vi­p&utm_medium=android_social&utm_campaign­=socialbuttons

  • If this was my size. I would have already bought this!­-champion-mondial-reynolds-653-59ct/

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  • Wow that's just about my size... Must. Resist.
    That Roog guy is a very decent bloke. He used to have a cool shop in Rotterdam, but he moved out unfortunately. Despite that he knows his stuff, his prices are always modest.

  • A little hint as to the future of my A Frame...

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  • Thats a 42mm tyre. I'm going to build some 650b pacenti brevet rims up on the campag hubs that came with the bike.

  • Thats a 42mm tyre.

    This interests me greatly. What Gazelle types/years have these type of clearances?

    Edit: Just noticed it's 650b. With long reach brakes this is doable?

  • Have you got the rims already? I’d tried to get 650b to work on my AB but if I remember correctly I’d have needed to crimp the chain stays a little to get a 42 to fit happily

    Also what bars? Noodles?

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  • 32mm gravel king on archetypes was the best I could do on mine, very minor scuffing on the underside of the front calliper (campag skeleton) when climbing out of the saddle...

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  • Thanks. That's pretty generous.

    Can anyone tell me the difference between a Champion Mondial (AB?) and a Tour de l'Avenir?

    Eyeing the latter now. Both have 531 tubing, but they must be different in some regards. Champion Mondial doesn't have mudguard eyelets I guess, but surely that can't be all.

  • Trim Trophy frame with 531 main tubes, gazelle frame ends instead of campagnolo, probably a cheaper fork crown.

    See the brochures:­ochures.html

    (1987, english version):­b781hU29iWV9KdlF5SXM/view

  • Very cool. Love the ATB in there.

  • It seems ok at the moment. I think dia compe 610s should do it.

  • To be honest I’d not bother with the tour l’avenir - it’s 531 main triangle and gas pipe everything else, mid range pint about town bikes, the CM is a classy road racer and readily available for cheap!

    Photos of roomy clearances with 25mm tyres...

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  • Yeah, passed on the Tour de l'Avenir. Healthy clearances on your bike, nice.

  • Stays are crimped on the A Frame so shouldn't be an issue. BB will be low, but I can live with that (I will only forget once....)

    Not ordered rims yet, going to do it tomorrow. Serviced the hubs over the weekend, will debuild the wheels tonight.

    These brakes should be fine, but I'm unsure as to what guards I can fit with them

    Bars not sure. These are Nitto 176's but im tempted by something a bit more french rando in shape.

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  • Must be some other Roog? Rogier is from Dongen and has as far as I know always operated from his parents' back yard shed before he moved into a larger space in that same village

  • There are CM's with eyelets, I own 2 ;-)

    Tdl'A frames are made up of 3 531 tubes, the main triangle only. CM is full 531

  • Blimey, you're absolutely right! I was referring to Rokus from Rotterdam. I love the smell of facepalm in the morning.

  • Enjoyed reading through a few dozen pages here and thought I'd share my now fairly humbled 1981 (the last year of the butterfly brake bridge and the year Hennie Kuiper won Flanders on his Gazelle) AB. Built up with budget parts that I've chosen specifically to suit my own cycling.

    The white bar tape was from my first build before I swapped out the cranks and front brake.

    The Weinmann 500 front brake is entirely there so that I can run my front brake on my right hand and have the cables cross over beneath the stem (quite vain). The bar end shifter is on the left as I'm more comfortable keeping my dominant hand in full control of the bike (this also results in the crossed housing beneath the stem, definitely not just vanity).

    For what it's worth if I had the money burning a hole I'd be buying that 1992 anniversary frame on eBay right now!

    Anyway, thank you everyone for sharing your pictures, where I'm from I've only seen one other Champion Mondial.

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  • Couldn't upload multiple pics on one post it seems.

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  • Like I said, before I was completely happy.

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  • Welcome and nice CM! May I ask what bars they are?


  • Messaged the guy on eBay before you bought this, beat me to the punch.

    Incredible bike, please sell it to me if/when you’re ever not interested.

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Gazelle? Does anyone know anything about them?

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