Gazelle? Does anyone know anything about them?

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  • Dibs 😬👍🏻

  • Great picture... I have one of those too but mine is 531C...

  • Haha if that ever happens you’re on 👌🏼

  • Looks great. I have bought the first part if I build it up-which i should- an all black CK headset

  • Dont like the CK headsets, campagnolo is simpler and works the 1st time. Even a shimano 600 ultegra with sealed bearings or the hard to get dura ace works better than the CK stuff IMO.

    Mine came with a campagnolo mirage, great and super simple headset... i compare it to the really old record models, just simple stuff... removed the mirage, cleaned it, regreased with lithium grease and is pure perfection.

  • Have both CK and Campagnolo new record ones. Can’t fault the Campag one but being a tart I like the idea of black HS on this. Likely to go Shimano also and then also thinking black Nitto finishing kit to pop the colour up

  • IMO those tvm need to be all silver... but it is a thing of taste.

  • Yeah maybe it will be, need to get over the fact it’s NOS now and do it proud to build it up

  • He says running campag on a shimano sponsored team replica 😉

    @Simpson all black sounds ace - there is a picture on google of an all black built baanfiets 👌 most importantly what wheels you planning?

  • Black stems, seatposts and headsets all used so legit option 👍🏻👍🏻

    Mullet and earring are essential.

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  • Haha thanks Matt, all personal opinions obviously. Liked the look of those Mavic cosmic’s many were selling off cheap- though warrantees might be an issue, then some others I’ve seen on a build on here of a Kavalinka rd bike? Or even just some black (😬) Ck to something like a 30mm Carbon rim

  • What do I have to ask for in the barbers to get that hairstyle?

  • Love the look of this one

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  • ^The speedstream, perhaps the rarest of all champion mondials, maybe even rarer than the stayer bike. In the past 10 years, I think I've seen 1 in the local classifieds. It went fast :)

  • Does anyone know what the last year was that gazelle made steel CX bikes? i have found one on the classifieds but looks far more modern than anything I can find and the pictures are a bit shit. straight unicrown forks, ahead, lugged seatclamp/cluster but that is the only lug i can see, vertical dropouts...? any ideas, its lush, I think I will buy it but the guy is asking for 900euros which is a bit steep considering I will probs have to change the wheels etc. thanks for any insights!


    link at bottom for 90's omward, check the brochures too for pictures to compare

  • I'm not sure, but they must have been made until the late 90s, early 00s. Unicrown does sound like a a more modern steel Gazelle cx. 900 is crazy though. Those modern ones are not particularly sought after and considering cx bikes get battered heavily, the value is nowhere near that I think. Got a link or pic?

  • unless im an idiot, there is no cross bikes that have been uploaded? maybe I'm clicking on the wrong thing?

  • yea, 900 is definitely Germany prices, 2nd hand stuff seems to go for a lot more here, or at least a lot more is asked! says 2004 but unless it was a ltd ed that seems wild.­ige/gazelle-cyclocross-crossrad/14437247­61-217-1190

  • If you go to 'catalogues', you will find 2000 as the last year of the steel cx, after that they switch to alu it seems.

  • That's definitely a cool bike. But indeed a very strong price. The rusty bolts tell a little bit of a story that the bike was not always properly cleaned. I'd be carefull with that.

  • ah sweet, i was looking on the graph thing, so 1999/2000 probably 531. i will ask for some more photos and see what they are saying about the price, would like it for sure but would have to be a pretty hefty drop.

  • Perhaps the tubing is 531 trapezi, which is pretty sweet. This has oversized tubing at certain points, among which the seat tube near the BB. It is supposed to be a really strong type of 531.

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Gazelle? Does anyone know anything about them?

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