Gazelle? Does anyone know anything about them?

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  • Holy shit balls

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  • C'est fini

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  • Tres Bon!

    This may be of interest to the smaller framed Gazelle folk -­20/#comment15346043 @JWestland ?

    I’ve dibs’d but in honesty the seattube/headtube is too short for me but it’s such a bargain I’d build it for my son to ride in 15years...

  • Anyone have any experience with their cargo bikes?

  • As soon as we can travel I'm going fly to Holland, grab one of these 2nd hand on marktplaats and ride it home. They go for a around 500 euros

  • Yes have seen one for sale for about that much and seems too cheap. Bullits are pretty common here but price doesn’t go down much vs new.

  • Wtf is going on with that seat tube? The fietsersbond review I found said it's a bit flexy to ride and the stand isn't the greatest.

  • What's next on the list for you lot?

    Im searching for 57cm rando and 100year anniversary frames (the one on ebay is too pricey)

  • I need a 56cm 753 CM in white with a race number hanger and internally routed rear brake cable...
    A straight forked Goldline Special
    And a panto’d stem! 😉

  • @Ifonlyiwerebelgian I have a Rand trophy frame think maybe 58 but I will check tomorrow. In dark red metallic. Will dig it out and check. Intended for a build for an age but unlikely and may be willing to let go

  • I will be selling my AB Frameset if anyone is interested? I have a special replacement on the way....

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  • Don’t sell it! It’s a peach! Might have a load of kit you can have to keep this on the road with your other project coming in as well!

  • New wheel for the track bike turned up, matching 28h campagnolo pista - need to fix the tub and put a gumwall on the rear, add the ti seatpost and white flite then fettle but this is basically done - combing to the classifieds shortly I guess 🤦♂️

    Edit: ofmega dust caps still on the eBay alerts...

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  • Hi, the bicycle made it here last saturday morning. Since had to take it appart completely for a deep cleaning i just swapped the group for a campagnolo potenza 11 silver. Had to fix a few details here and there which I was expecting TBH. Like trashing the drop out adjusters and the brifters down tube adjusters (those took me a while to remove... always put grease kids, always).

    Usually what i do is just sand the whole paint job with 2000 grit sand paper and then polish the whole thing but this time I did not do that just because I was super horny to ride this one :p, i did not not even removed the headset cups from the frame to check them out, so after cleaning and regreasing the headset, play with the drop out alligment tool i went and put the potenza, swapped the stem for a 12 cm (came with a 10). Did a eyeballed fit and went out...

    This thing super nice, same level than a derosa prof. and the EM corsa I have in the stable. Very to extremely obedient frame, where ever i told it to go just did it with easy. For the record im a columbus guy, this one is 531c. Big difference between the 2 in the ride, 531 is a softer tube and taking that in consideration the bike is just super nice, flats, false flats and downhills, this one just go. Serious climbing? well 531 in it... it does ok but you can tell is his weak point besides i dont climb and im like 200 pounds fat so take this opinion with a grain of salt.

    My only complain is that if you hammering badly like launching and attack from the upper banks in a track (trackers know what im talking about) I was able to feel the wheel/s touching the brake pads a couple of times. Not sure if its the 531 in it... or maybe the pads too close to the rims or just flexible wheels? Will swap the calipers for a set of chorus or maybe for the set of dura ace ones that came with the bike just to test. So if anybody has an insight about this, please go ahead.

    So if you dont have an agressive track style standing over the pedals, probably the brake pads situation wont be a problem at all, actually tried to stand up over the pedals like a fanny :P and it worked hehehe... i was a tracker back in the day so...

    Will post pictures later one probably next week :) Super happy with it nevertheless :D and probably this is the last bike I hope to buy because my bucket list pretty much is empty now. Took me like 25 years to find one of those TVMs in my size.

    This reminds me have to move some frames out... :/

  • cheap aa super on ebay

  • 👌👍🏻👍🏻

  • Not the one @skullandbiscuits just bought?
    Got a link?

  • 🧐 hmmm which one......

  • Ahhh I see...

    Ok I've just purchased Aero AA-Super Monostay.

  • WTF is going on with the front forks/wheel - looks like a bizarre disc rotor, but is it a dynamo/cycle computer track of some kind?

  • Good point, Hadn't noticed it

  • Ok, here's is the tvm I got last week, today second ride.. like 50 miles or so... Potenza silver.

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Gazelle? Does anyone know anything about them?

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