London Six Day

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  • Just looked at tickets for this, £20! For cheap seats.
    Not sure if i'm poor, but seems a bit steep.

  • Welcome to the Olympic Legacy

  • Don't know how it will be this year, but I went on the Monday last year with cheap seat tickets and since it wasn't that full, I sat wherever I felt like sitting! Did plenty of wandering too in order to have different vantage points. There weren't any officials about moving people along from standing and watching either, unlike at the World Cup or World Champs. This year I'm going on the Saturday night however, and I expect it to be rammed.

  • Session 1 and Session 2 tickets left only which I just booked.
    Anyone got spare ticket for Session 3? I would be interested.

  • I have two tickets for session two (tomorrow) if anyone is interested.

    Will do £40 for the pair, but must be collected from Traflagar Square tomorrow

    Email me if you fancy it

  • Who is going tonight?

  • Here early, have train to catch so won't be around for much of the racing.

    Pic: Wiggins warming up.

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  • Opening laps were good, nice atmosphere.

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  • Atmosphere was a bit flat where I was sitting, but the racing was a laugh. As expected the sprinters were a bit I'd circus act. Brad and cav did ok and I think finished the night in 3rd.

  • One spare ticket for tonight as my friend can't join us. £20, I can email the ticket and you can pay cash when you sit down next to us. Track side, pretty much looking down the home straight.

  • A pic from last night. I'm the reason the riders wear sunglasses indoors.
    edit - pic won't upload

  • pic won't upload

    Reduce it <3mb file size, should fix it.

  • .

  • Last night was great. Cav winning the derny race was crazy - unclipped and off the back, came back and won, the cheeky bastard.

  • Not so much luck when he unclipped again tonight...

  • Koch is a Grade A prat but a perfect showman. And boy he can sprint from the back.

  • Just looked at tickets for this, £20!

    It was £1.60 in 1979 (yes, I just found an old ticket stub when I was looking for something else, Saturday afternoon session), so it should be about £7.50 now based on RPI inflation. Far from the worst over-inflation of event ticket prices.

  • I looked again this year was around £35.

    Some good inflation ratio in a year that!

  • Was a fun evening. Sprinters kept helping themselves to puddings. Trifle was good.

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  • In the '70's, I was a Catholic schoolboy in Manchester.

    Like all Catholic schoolboys, I would go watch Manchester United on Saturdays.

    Was 50p to get in.

    Haven't been back in a very long time, but I think it might be a bit more now.

  • Tickets on sale now as low as £10 with O2 priority

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  • If anyone has surplus six day tickets this week let me know! Ta.

  • Hope this comes to MCR Six Day as well.

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  • I sat through two Zwift races in the velodrome this week.. My god the boredom. I can't complain as I didn't pay to get in but if I had I'd think I'd been mugged off a bit.

    I get bored on Zwift when I'm the one using it.

  • two Zwift races


    I was going to go with a mate. Glad I didn't bother if this is the kind of shit they're pulling. I already have to watch their ads 20x a fucking day. Don't ruin my live sport too.

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London Six Day

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