Viscount frame BB help needed

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  • Hi guys, im new here but theres a policy of not starting threads until i have been here 24hrs and i really cant wait that long. I was hoping someone could look at the pictures i have posted and tell me how to remove the fork. Everything else is out, the wedge and the handlebars and the wheel is only on loose. If someone could help I would be eternally grateful.. Thanks

  • PS - Sorry for jumping in on this thread but it is the only one that seemed active.. Thanks again guys

  • You might find this handy­d-headset/

    But you really should look into getting a basic bicycle mechanics book. We all start somewhere.

  • thanks mate, did u look at the pic?

  • This is the fiend I'm up against.

    Two bike shops now have thrown up their hands in abject horror at the sight. How genuinely hard could it be to put some semblance of a spindle on bearings in this?

    Your pedantic and irreverent views will be appreciated. x

  • Unfortunately the shell wasn't suitable for tapping an Italian thread, according to the shop I took it to tonight.

    That leaves me with the threadless options; a cheap YST BB-993 (£15-20) or splash out on the nice VO Grand Cru threadless BB (£40?). The shell in my frame is already chamfered so the YST would fit snugly, although it doesn't appear to be serviceable from what I can gather (please correct me if I'm wrong). OTOH, I'm having trouble finding the VO part in the UK (at least, in stock).

    Stray question, does anyone know the spindle length I would need to get a 45(.5?)mm chainline with Sugino XD-2 (double) crankset? I would like to place the chainring on the outside of the crank (like so). Research so far points to a 107mm spindle yielding a CL closest to what I'm aiming for. Please contradict this if I'm way off target!

  • I dropped into Tokyo Fixed Gear today and enquired about the VO threadless BB (since they have it listed on their site). They took my details and said they would call me about re-stocking the part, and which sizes they would be able to get. Freshtripe also appear to stock them.

    Time to choose some cranks! Since I'm not 100% how the XD-2 cranks will work CL-wise, I think it might be wise to go with something I can be more confident will line up correctly when paired with a particular JIS spindle length. Any suggestions up to £100 (including chainring)? Since it's a SS I'd like to go with 170mm cranks and 3/32 chain since I doubt it will be put through a lot of stress and the freewheel is already 3/32.

  • Pulled the trigger on the VO threadless BB (from Freshtripe). I went with a 110mm spindle length to achieve a 45(.5)mm* CL with the FSA Gimondi crankset ordered from Velo Solo.

    Will post back how the BB works out.

    *VS recommend a 103mm JIS spindle for 42mm CL with the FSA cranks, so by my calculation the spindle would need to be 109mm (((45-42)*2)+103). Hopefully the 110mm spindle will be close enough. fingers crossed

  • thanks for all this as i have a viscount aerospace 400 and have beeen bricking myself about the bb going and having to lose the love of my life

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Viscount frame BB help needed

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