Hub Axle vs DropOut

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  • Right... Here's one I haven't come across before.

    The dropouts on my Carlton Frame are too narrow for the hub axle/spindle on my Campag hubs.

    Is there a way round this? Ideas are:

    1) Bending out the dropout to widen the gap

    2) Drilling and then filing the dropout

    Anyone else had to deal with this?

  • narrow as from left dropout to the right one???
    or narrow as in the slot in the dropouts is too narrow?????

    if this case is B - you have to file the axle not dropout.......this can be either becuz the dropout is made to accomodate different hubs or if the there is a paint on it you can file it down....but i wouldnt file the dropout itself .......

  • The slot is too narrow.

    I am worried about taking the thread off the axle...

  • hey sorry for slow reply.........i mean i would have been a bit worried myself doing bet is take it to brixton cycles and ask them nicely...they know what they are doing and are super nice as well........there is guy named Ross who is a framebuilder as well so he should know......they do on the spot repair in the morning after nine..........if you need it quick.....they may even not charge you....

  • On many solid axles there will be a flat side, or just a mm flat part where it is not rounded like the rest of the axle, have you checked to make sure the flat part is parallel to the flat part of the dropout? That could make the extra mm of difference.

  • Cheers Jake... Good call, but unfortunately it still doesn't give enough clearance.

    Looks like a trip to Brixton... or Edwardes...

  • id say brixton;-) as edwardes...are kinda.....well..not my kinda bikeshop;-)

  • yeah don't go to edwardes. go see ross he'll sort it out for you.

  • I got the same problem on a cheap Raleigh frame I picked up. Rear wheel axle is too thick for the rear drop outs. What's the prevailing wisdom these days?

  • I'm having a similar issue with the track ends on my frame. They are about 1mm too thin to accept a Goldtec hub. I had a cheapo Suzue hub on them up until now, which fits no problems.

    I Measured the Goldtecs and the axel is bang on 10mm. The Goldtec slides into the first 1.5 cm or so of the dropout then gets wedged.

    I'm thinking about filing the track ends. Has anyone done the same? If so how did it go?

  • I've done it. Pretty painless and it worked...just make sure they're filed evenly

  • +1 file it. It really doesn't take that long at all. No good reason not to file IMO.

  • I've done it. Pretty painless and it worked...just make sure they're filed evenly

    +1. Have to do this more often on forks that are made for 9mm axles so 10mm wont fit.
    Wouldn't go near the axle with a file tho. Thats just mental.

  • Interesting. Having the same problem. Seems filing the drop out is going to be my fix.

    (sorry, bump an old thread)

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Hub Axle vs DropOut

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