Tool library / tool exchange. Post what you got and where you are

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  • Has anyone got the WI freewheel remover?
    My park tool one is not playing nice with the ENO axel..

  • Can someone help me extend the thread on my 1 inch fork please west end area im available Tuesday-Thursday.

  • Has anyone around E1 or Hackney got an internal nipple tool for 3.2mm square head nipples? Top one on this pic.

    Edit: Or Peckham/Brixton/New cross/Greenwich. That works too.

  • Anyone got a vice in SE London please

  • What size? I have a 4” bolted down vice in SE24.

  • I think I have the park tools versions of this, the 3.2mm for Rolf wheels...

  • Thats the one! Sending you a PM

  • Does anyone in LDN have a bBB86 bottom bracket removal tool+ installation press?


  • Need to cut a slice of 6mm steel. Have a baking steel that is too big and needs to be reduced by 2cm, and then smoothed after. The cut will be 35cm long.
    Any suggestions for how to go about this as this is far outside what I’ve done.
    Se4 based.

  • sorted but thank you.

  • Angle grinder with a 1mm cutting disc, then 120g flap disc to deburr. Or take it to a general metalwork shop and they’ll do it for beer.

  • Can anyone lend me BB30 bearing removal tools and press in North East London in exchange for beer?

  • Anyone around N16 willing to let me borrow a Press fit BB tool? Will pay with beer and happy karma 😊.

  • Yes, I do. In N1 part of Hackney.

    PM if you still need to borrow one.

  • Hi, any recommendations for a metalwork shop to ask in SE London? Id like to take 1.8mm of material off the back of a cassette in an orderly fashion but its too small a job for the ones ive reached out to. Name of a place to call would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • No idea I’m afraid, I do my own metalwork!

    I have filed 1.8mm off the shoulder of a freehub successfully. I imagine it would achieve the same outcome. All you need is a file, though a vice would help too.

  • Ah thanks. Unfortunately this shimano 10s hub doesnt have much shoulder to file off at all because that would be much easier to do!

  • Anyone in South West London (I'm in KT6) has this tool I could borrow for a minute?
    Thank you

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  • 11 speed road cassette? Get a MTB one and it'll fit with no modification needed.

  • @coventry_eagle Thanks, thats an interesting idea, i am looking for fairly road specific gearings though. Anyway, i already started filing down my freehub with @dbr 's tutelage and its almost done. Fits the 11s cassette now just need to put the finishing touches on. Very doable job, just a bit tedious if you dont have the machinery and need to do it by hand!

  • Does anyone have a steerer cutting guide I could borrow around E17/NE?

  • Does anyone have a Shimano direct mount chainring lockring tool and a 16 notch x 41mm BB tool for a BB-MT800 (also for SM-BBR60) that I could borrow in Peckham/East Dulwich area this weekend?

  • Drop me a DM if you still need it

  • Yes to both, should be in your neck of the woods in a couple of hours time so let me know!

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Tool library / tool exchange. Post what you got and where you are

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