Tool library / tool exchange. Post what you got and where you are

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  • I have a SPA 6, SE1 or SW9.

  • thank you both. I'll go with @coventry_eagle because very close.

  • Anyone have access to a lathe? I need a 16mm hole made into an 18mm hole, accurately, in aluminium. Biggest flange is about 180mm dia, the wider one is maybe 150mm

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  • Long shot, I know, but does anyone have a Mavic BB chamfer cutter; or experience of a bike shop who's used on in Bucks/Berks/Oxon area?

  • I think @Brommers has one...?

  • I do, but it's only a 9x20, so that size is at its limits. Wouldn't be an issue holding it in place, but guaranteeing a precise 18mm hole over that distance would be a challenge with my tooling.

  • Fanks. I've found a friend with a lathe, unfortunately I have to buy a 17.5mm drill bit and an 18mm reamer for this one-off job.

  • I'm sure you'll find a use for those....

  • Dust gathering duties

  • Or nice desk art

  • Can the friend not use a boring bar to do it? Probably cheaper

  • From what I've read, it's much easier to get a decent result with a reamer than a boring bar. I'd need the 17.5mm drill either way.

  • You could bore 1mm from the ID wall without a drill bit in a couple of passes if you can hold the piece well and concentric. The reamer may give the best result however.
    Can’t help but hopefully sounds like you’ll have it solved one way or another

  • Definitely. Boring bars tend to be depressingly flexible over long cuts.

  • The axle looks to be 17.65mm. Should I ream to 18mm, or try a tighter fit? Axle and part can’t be in the same place while reaming unfortunately.

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  • Can i borrow a headset tools please west end area, removal and fitting tools for 1 1/8-1 1/2

  • Anyone got a Park Tool CCP-44 or another brand Octolink crank puller?


  • Yus, you can borrow mine


  • Anyone got a Rotor 3D+ spider lockring tool available for borrowings? I have two, but they're both in Switzerland, and I'm not. Happy to cover postage costs, of course.

  • Anyone with a rear derailleur hanger alignment tool that wouldn’t mind me having a quick check? Kind of thing that can be done on the pavement in 10 mins.

    Replaced cables, shifter body and had the rear mech serviced but still getting crap shifting on campag record 10.

    North/ central’ish London would be even better

  • Phantom double post...

  • Has anyone got a BB tool for an Ultegra BB-R60 bottom bracket, since shimano decided that they need 3 different BB tool standards for their road lineup?

    Looking for either a converter like TL-FC25 (but metal version), or the proper Shimano HollowTech II BB60 TL-FC37 version

    within reasonable distance from E1

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Tool library / tool exchange. Post what you got and where you are

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