Audiophilia and HiFi

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  • With a fact sheet like this, would the 70w output refer to the individual speaker or the pair? Cheers

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  • Can anyone help me with setting up the arm and cartridge on my turntable? I'm just after some guidance.
    I've got a Linn Sondek which has always sounded great. It's been stored while were doing renovation work. I've just set it back up and it sounds shit.
    I'm guessing something has moved or been knocked. Stylus looks fine.
    I've set up turntables in the past (mainly Technics etc when I was DJing). But everything I've tried with this hasn't helped much or not at all.

  • Got a very cheap (sub £100 for the lot) Denon and Tannoy hifi yesterday. Goddamn I forgot what listening to music sounded like. Treble! And sub bass! What even is this madness!

  • Nice! Pics pls. WHat Tannoy? potential for boner...

  • Ha nothing boner-inducing, they're very cheap - M3 floorstanding speakers, nothing to make a hifi nerd salivate. But I've been listening to music on a single set of 3" reference speakers for the last five years and goddamn the difference to me is astonishing.

    Here's the pic. Can't wait to load up some really obnoxious video game and have it blasting through those speakers:

  • can anyone recommend not massively audiophile quality speaker cable (2 pair standard) but not massively shit either, that I can order from Amazon (preferably)? Ta

  • QED classic 42 strand is fine.
    several internetz worth of debate on whether spending more (or less) is better.

  • Perfect thanks!

  • I've got some Naim naca4 cables that I'll be looking to move on soon, if that's any good to you? 8 or 10 metre lengths iirc

  • Random one, but I've got a Technics ST-3000 FM receiver freecycling looking for a home. Seems a shame to chuck such a solid unit, just shout if it'd be of use for the shed or workshop.

  • Has anyone here used Yamaha MusicCast?
    I’ve got a Sonos system in a few rooms but in the Living room my main hifi is currently just for vinyl. I’d like to be able to stream through it and was thinking about getting a Sonos Connect.
    But a while ago someone told me that the Yamaha stuff sounds better and I’ve just seen that their Yamaha WXC50 is now cheaper than a Sonos Connect.
    I’m now worried about playing multi-room at the same time as I never do that anyway. But I guess having to use another app is a bit of a pain (unless I can control it with the spotify app which would be fine).
    I guess what I want to know is if it is going to be notably better sound quality?
    Yamaha NPS303 is also an option.

  • Can anyone recommend a smallish cheapish amp with multiple ins? It's not for audiophile stuff, it's to run a TV / PS4 / Alexa / into a pair of old Tannoy M3 floorstanders. Pref with a remote control.

  • Anyone interested in a Musical Fidelity V90-HPA headphone amplifier? New in box.

  • I’ve just got a new DJ mixer - Allen & Heath Xone32 - on which the master out is TRS jack, rather than phono, as my last mixer was.

    There is a phono record-out, but using that alone to my amp means the LED master-out levels do not illuminate, which I use to make sure the two channels are equal. I also want the record-out to run into my PC.

    Anyway, is this a simple case of buying a TRS to phono lead and running into my amp? If so, any reccos out of the many on Amazon?

  • You should be ok with a mono unbalanced trs to phono, it's possible that the trs output will be louder than the phono output, depending on what sort of protocol they're using. I like van Damme cables with Neutrix connectors just because I've not had any fail and I've never heard any odd limitation of the signal using these. I do have tons of other types some of which have failed (Chinese amazon type I'm looking at you). They might seem expensive, it depends on the length (ooh err).

  • Has anyone on here have / listened to a homepod? Any thoughts on audio quality?

  • Why do we have two of these threads?

    @hippy can you mergeatron?

  • Not since the new forum. Blame (or thank) @Velocio

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Audiophilia and HiFi

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