Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Padded shorts - no bibs. What are others wearing?

    I have loads of pairs of bib shorts but given the layers I have over them i have to completely undress to go for a shit. Jersey, over shorts, upper and lower body armour all need to be moved or removed before I can get bib straps down and lower the shorts.

    I have generally got on well with the Rapha chamois, so am considering their mtb padded short liner- any others people would endorse?

  • I go for a shit before I go mountain biking

  • The endura padded boxer used to be my go to. Then I discovered the WTB Volt and padding was not required.

  • This is good advice - but so many times I've got up for an early ride, got myself all trussed up in bibs, jersey and jacket to find my morning coffee has worked it's magic and I'm on the doors before leaving the house.

  • This.

    Also there are days where we ride in the morning, have lunch and ride again in the afternoon.

    Getting completely undressed in public toilets is a pain, local trail centre the hooks on the cubicle doors are all snapped off.

  • The second I apply chamois cream I know there is a jobby marching its way to the light.


    Like a flute to a cobra.

  • One bike is never a solution. The joy of a proper road bike on a summer evening whishing through the lanes..

  • What Ergons are you using? I used to use chopped down GP's with Grippity shift as they lock at the outside end

  • To me the joy of MTB is not having to wear bibs and other lycra.. All the post ascent chat and having to stand up on the descents means no padded shit.

  • Have you tried riding without bibshorts? I often don't.

    I cut the straps off some bibshorts, they work fine as shorts for me. Could try that on an older pair? Otherwise maybe the assos one, or 7mesh?

  • I never ride with padded shorts on the mountain bike, the position is so different to a road bike that I don’t have the pressure situation to deal with.

    For example I love SMP saddles on the road- torture off road.

  • If you're not having a shit in the woods, are you even really MTBing?

  • Assos "half shorts"

    For short stuff I'll just use whatever.

  • I know this. Even as I write it I'm thinking about expanding my MTBs so I have a dualie that doesn't kick my arse and an 'ultra rig' that loses things like dropper, wide bars, etc...

    What I really want is a new, flash road bike and a new flash gravel bike... but still, space is already at a premium and I bet I won't get rid of the old ones! :S

  • Ergon GP2s. I could've got a combo of their GripShift ones to make it work but to be honest I didn't like the grip lockout - I always bumped the button. My Squidlock lever isn't working that well though with the SID so I need to sort that out or I'm just going to ride AMR without a lockout.

  • Wondering whether or not to pack my shit shovel for AMR...

    On one hand my bike weighs a tonne so what's another 50g, on the other hand, my bike weighs a tonne! Save some weight!

  • Problem solved

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  • Shit before you ride as others have suggested.

  • Which agency are you with?

  • Ford, Storm etc..

  • Aah if your referring to the arse up thread thats not mine. Mine is much hairier although it is exceptionally peachy.

  • Does anyone have some narrower (700ish) 31.8 risers and stem kicking about they'd like to swap for a set of Giant Connect 35.0 x 800 bars and 50mm stem? I took them off my trance X and they are too much for my pub bike!

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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