Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Rad. These are really doing it for me. Tempting.

  • Anyone used these?

    "1) Insert repair nozzle into puncture. 2) Open regulated air valve to achieve desired pressure. 3) Close valve and remove tool. Plug will hold air and seal puncture simultaneously. The kit also comes with an air hose just in case you need to add more CO2 or simply want to use the tool as an inflator."

    Where's the valve? In theory I could use it without the CO2 at all but if I lost the bead I could use a Co2 cart?

    I have a normal dynaplug racer but was thinking about this for AMR if I can't get the pump to inflate tyre, this might help seat a bead again?

    Looks like it's a twist valve to turn on/off the Co2

  • Lovely stuff. You need a bigger front tyre!

  • What else are cold, dark winter evenings for than to finally get around to editing the footage you shot way back in July and to start planning this years trip. Thanks to @tmevans for joining me


  • such a pleasure! thanks for the invite! i’ve just booked with uk bike skills for march inspired by going to morzine last year

  • Hi.

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  • Oh that's quite some stooges.
    @Chak you should. It's so much fun.
    @umop3pisdn also have a wheelset with crux in 27,5, but plan is to go touring with it soon.

  • Anyone riding Maxxis Ardent with an opinion on them?

    Looking for something faster rolling on the rear and I'm a Maxxis fan boy. Been riding Minions F+R forever.

  • They're faster, but I found the lack of grip on anything other than hardpack absolutely terrifying. Rekon is working ok for me on the rear at the mo.

  • I've been using Ardent Race and they're still inflated. That's my measure of success. I don't know how to ride dirt so can't tell you about grip or lack of it. I've had enough wipeouts to ensure you won't see me launching a spray of dirt from sliding the rear wheel around a corner as per every MTB promo video.

  • They’re nice and fast rolling, would give me The Fear using them for anything where I wanted grip - either cornering or braking like I meant it. But, they’re not for that.

  • Yeah I need some grip...my latest Minion DHR is brand new so I'll just haul it around for now. Money needs to go on a shock service for that bike before I do anything else.

    In other news, I replaced the rotten Bonty Line post, which wouldn't go into the frame enough, with the One Up as suggested here (180 shimmed down to 170), there is a baw hair of a difference in insertion length but its just enough and its exactly right. I have to say the 2019 Trek Fuel EX frames have an oversight on seat post insertion for sure.

  • Anybody riding Swinley regularly and fancy showing me around . Poss even a night ride if that is a thing there :) committed to ride more this year , can reciprocate with a tour of the Surrey hills bits that are my regular riding spots ..

  • I don't go there very often but Swinley trails are clearly marked, obviously harder to follow signposts in the dark though.

  • Sounds good , might do a shout out when I go , as not sounding like anyone I know is available much at the moment..

  • I really like my forekasters. Mine is the old version, it’s super light and with lots of grip.

  • I had one on the front and found it unsettling because it feels like it doesn't have grip. I have been told this is until you lean the bike over properly under yourself, but I'm not very good at that.

    So I moved it to the back and put a Rekon on the front

  • I know some on here have / had a FlareMax, is it any good? Looking for a small trail bike / downcountry bike for the polished Dutch trails around me. My Cube Stereo 140 feels massivly overbiked 90% of the time.

  • is it any good?

    Yes, very good. Had mine for about a year, sold it here and honestly still wish I had it. I used to ride stuff on it that it should really have been out of its depth, but it never was. It was great fun on well kept trails, and very capable doing bigger XC type days. They're a piece of piss to maintain too, so simple.

  • At the risk of being told to bugger off to the Gravel thread....

    What fork do I buy in the place of not having the budget for a SiD.

    120mm travel, trail/XC, lightish. Cheapish.

  • The Sid isn't that great. Something new so it's not trashed? Or reconditioned from a fork service place.
    If you're actually riding trail (rocks steps etc) I wouldn't go light xc fork.

  • There'll be some drops and rocky rooty stuff. Skill level is 6/10.

    Anything to avoid inparticular/look out for?


  • Dunno im 3/10 skill. Best heed some else. But watch out for clapped out second hand forks that will need a full rebuild for ££

  • Good advice. On my scale I was putting you at a 9....just saying.

  • I've currently got a broken big toe from riding into a tree, solid 3/10.

    I've ridden a lot of forks. Honeslty I would say they've all done the job fine. Yes my new rockshox pike is nicer than the fox rhythm before but both worked and went boing enough for me. But I can tell the difference between a trail and xc fork. And if you are riding trail then do lean that way, a bigger stanchions etc.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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