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  • PF is fine as long as you can use the Hope BB and 24mm axle in it, BB92 not possible

    Chamelon carbon has threaded BB no?

  • No longer a plastic option.

  • I’ve missed the returns window on these.
    Anyone want them?
    Specialized 2fo roost flat pedal shows.
    Eu46/uk11.25 but feel like a normal size 11
    £65? Boxed unused

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  • Too big for me but they’re a shoe I’d like to try, guessing they’re too small for you?

  • They are actually a very good fit. I'll happily keep them if theres no interest.
    Without boring you to death about it, I have a problem with my foot that might need surgery eventually.
    my podiatrist told me to get the widest fitting shoes I can find in the meantime. So I bought a whole load of different shoes and settled on Shimano GR5 shoes that happen to be the cheapest and widest fitting. I have two pairs of GR5's and it will probably take 2+ years to get through both pairs so these 2fo's can be moved on.

    For what its worth the grip on the soles is very tacky, its the only other mtb shoe I've found that actually parallels FiveTen levels of tackyness.

  • Morton’s Neuroma? I’ve had one removed from each foot, some time ago now. I do think the one in my left foot might be reappearing however.

  • Morton’s Neuroma

    Yes! I might pm you to hear more about this actually. I've yet to have a proper chat with anyone who's actually had the surgery.

    It's honestly made me pretty miserable at points. Last summer there were times when it was constantly painful to walk and had me feeling quite hopeless. I'd realised that it would flare up to its worst during the summer months when I'm on the uplift most weekends. The advice I was given was "stop doing whatever antagonises it".
    The prospect of potentially giving up riding left me quite down since theres not much else I enjoy as much as farting about on a bike.
    After a lot of misery, I realised that my narrow tight fitting Five Tens were potentially part of the problem. It's certainly got a lot better since I stopped using them a few months back, but the pain still comes and goes.
    Its strange, sometimes I go weeks with no bother then out of the blue I can barely walk.
    My podiatrist seems very reluctant to go down the surgery route and has said that its not a guaranteed long term fix.

  • I'm struggling a little with dates, but I had my right foot operated on in Feb 2011:

    Mine was very temperature dependent - but toward the end of 2010 it would literally stop me mid-walk and I'd have to wait for the pain to die down before I could carry on.

    I asked my GP if it would get better, he said no, I decided on surgery - and I've never regretted it.

    A few years later I had the left foot done, which had a much much faster recovery, but also it's been twinging a little recently so I may have to have that done again.

    I lost sensation in the toes on both feet after the op, but that gradually came back and there are no blank spots anymore.

    My view, based purely on what was explained to me - the neuroma is a reaction to the bones in the foot crushing the nerve, which then scars and forms the lump. You can address the compression (wider shoes e.g.) but the nerve is still fucked, and will hurt under certain conditions - the answer to which is to get rid of the lump.

  • Commencal Meta HT AM Öhlins?

  • Oef! Would love that as a winter bike.

  • Took delivery of a Cannondale Dave last week, bike24 still had them in stock (I’m in NL). Been playing at the local jump line this weekend, much fun. And there is a pumptrack on my way home so bringing it tomorrow for some after work fun times.

  • Full day of uplift at Antur Stiniog yesterday was glorious despite the worst weather I've ever ridden a bike in, proper torrential sideways rain and bitter, howling wind... I quickly discovered my Raceface windproof jacket is definitely not waterproof and not so windproof either by Welsh standards.

    Got fourteen runs in though and rode all of the trails including all of the blacks and the only feature I chickened out of was the very big steep drop at the bottom of Y Du - The Black which I'm feeling rather chuffed with as they have some very good trails there!

    I need to do a better job of bleeding my brakes though, length of trails combined with my hands being shot from intensive tiling/ grouting/ DIY of late and brakes performing slightly below par made for some very challenging braking in the later stages of each trail...

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  • Anymore photos of the colour bean mtb on the left?

  • I like that. Thx

  • Having sold my Transition Patrol 2 years ago, I'm back in the full-sus game! Found a deal on a Giant Trance X2 in XL. With 150mm front travel, 135mm rear, Fox 36 forks and a flip chip, it ticked my boxes of being fun enough for general UK riding but big enough for bike parks real mountains. I had an old Trance X 26er back in the day and a Reign and I like the way Giants ride.

    My first ever off-the-peg bike, first 29er and first boost. I made the following changes and additions to the spec:

    SLX shifter to XT. Better shifting, XT has always been great.
    KMX chain to XT. To get the full Hyperglide Plus shifting.
    SLX 10-51 cassette to XT 10-45. I hate big jumps between gears and it makes for better shifting.
    30 tooth chainring to 34. Bigger is faster and reduces anti-squat.
    Shimano to Hope rotors. Models own.
    Giant bars to Hope carbon. Models own.
    Giant 50mm stem to Hope 35mm. I like a stubby stem with long wheelbase in the mountains.
    Giant seatclamp to Hope. Models own.
    Hope chainguide.
    Lezyne bottle cage.
    Beat-up trail SPDs

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  • Nice little shake-down and set-up ride around Peaslake yesterday. Unsurprisingly it is a lot more capable and faster than a 27.5 hardtail down hills! Definitely takes more effort for scandi flicks and manuals etc so the trails need to be quite rough and/or steep for it to be more fun than my HT but rough is good so...

    The "basic" MT501 brakes really are excellent and I'm impressed with the shifting of the XT stuff.

    Testing the rebound settings on the Thick n Creamy drop:

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  • hippy ponders how long the hospital stay would be if he ever tried that

    Also, your face, how much meth had you had beforehand?

  • That's my happy face...

  • You know BB92 and BB86 are the same thing? You can use a hope BB if you want, not that they’re any better than a WheelsMFG

    Although if you’re running a 24mm axle, the standard ones are so cheap and last for ages.

    I do agree that running a 30mm axle in a 41mm shell is stupid (I should know, I do it)

  • Has anyone ridden the Finale Ligure area?

  • Yes. Ridiculously good.

  • any better than a WheelsMFG

    I've got a WheelsMFG GXP T47 BB, the seals didn't last one muddy ride and it also came with no spacers so didn't actually fit a GXP crank.

  • How would you describe the trails?

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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