Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • How you store it shouldn't really matter, but logic would say if you store it uncompressed you are making life easier for the pressure vessel. I've found I need to top up the pressure on mine (which has a valve at the top under the saddle) every year or so.
    As for photos, seat half way is stupid. I'd accept either up or down, but hallfway just looks like you have a gravel dropper installed.

  • they forgot to put pedals on. idiots. You can't ride a bike without pedals. so why photograph without.

    I wanted a starling, now less so

  • I normally photograph my bike when I’ve just got off it (and will be getting back on it), which means I’ve either dropped the seat to facilitate this or it was down already.

    If I’ve decided to take proper photos - well:

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  • (Because I store them with the dropper up, also).

  • Plus, I’m never not super gnarly.

  • It was not a stab at you. Sorry.
    My wording was a bit confrontational.

    Fully up makes sense. And I have actually seen those photos. Thx

  • I think fully up helps to give a fuller sense of the size of the rider (who of course is not pictured) relative to the bike. Plus you get to show off your 230mm dropper.

  • Mine is only 170mm. The same

  • Any interest in my DHX shock before eBay?

  • Hah

  • Staged shots, seatpost up. Candid shots seat post down. Never in between.

    That being said my Fox Transfer still actuates like shit and I'm beginning to wonder if it's because I have ti so far into the frame that the cable is exiting the frame at a funny angle and causing an issue? It's a Jagwire cable so should be decent but has anyone got a recommendation for an excellent cable for dropper.

    I appreciate this is dreadfully mundane.

    Edit: I just remembered I have an unused Nokon Universal kit I bought and didn't use for my S-Works Allez so I might give that a shot on it...

  • I think for the sake of poor @Hulsroy 's sanity, we should all stop photographing our bikes

  • This is so good.

  • A few days ago was actually wondering what was going on with this Sterling...
    Weird seat height with a shitload of post showing. Looks like a 5cm dropper:(

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  • Suggestions for a trail hard tail 29er?

    Yeti ARC

  • Starling?

  • Another bike?
    You’ve only ridden your Gucci MTB for about 5 mins...
    At least sell it here for 70% off before you get a Yeti with all the bling.

  • Another bike?

    Are you new here?

  • The true spirit of LFGSS is shaming someone for buying another bike whilst simultaneously buying yourself another bike

  • Oh, I can do that really well.

  • This is all putting me in the mood for buying another bike.

    Why a hard tail? I’ve not got any recommendations because hardtails are shit.
    You need more suspension.
    What Gucci Mtb do you currently have?

  • Yeti ARC

    BB92 .. y u hate yourself?


  • Bird Aether 9c is my full sus trail bike

    I’d like a light hard tail for winter…

    Moar suspension is not what I need as I don’t really get airbourne unless by accident. Need more skills training too.

  • I like plastic bikes these days. But yes the press fit bb is a minor reservation.

    Am not looking for an xc bike, kind of want a hardtail trail bike. A friend has the yeti and loves it

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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