Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • There were a couple of us who used to organise group rides but the instigators have mostly moved on or ruined their lives with children and DIY

    Probs should actually do some riding this year. Don't even think I went to Surrey Hills last year.

  • Not much to distinguish between DJ bikes. They'll all be built like tanks. Get whichever one is available / in a colour you like / fits your budget / has the fewest components you'll want to swap.

  • I got the Transition PBJ because it was the only one I could buy - it's a nice bike, but I'd probably have been happy with any of them. Availability is king, at the moment.

  • Thanks! Now I need to decide what shade of grey I like best…

  • you've only got 50 choices

  • 26 will never die...


    it'll just get heavier and slower and stuff

  • Drillium wolf in Functional sheep's clothing?

  • Steel City DH now 2 days away. Anyone who's going and fancies meeting up, drop me a line. I'm aiming to get there about 12 noon.

    Cc: @snottyotter @Eejit

  • I've ended up working, sorry.

  • Commiserations.

  • I’ll be there, probably arriving around the same time as you. Will have a fairly nonplussed 5 year old with me.

    Have tried explaining the concept to her:
    “We’re going to a bike race”
    [confused face]
    “To watch, not to ride”
    [even more confused face]
    “It’ll be fun”
    [doubtful face]
    “The next door neighbours are going and there will be pizza and cake”

    She’s sold on the pizza, cake and presence of other children that she knows, remains skeptical about everything else.

  • "You can make pretty much as much noise as you want."

  • "you can rev a chainsaw!"

  • I spent a very fun day at BPW on Friday, very different place with uplift!

    Coming into a couple of very tight switchbacks I admit, for the first time ever, I used the rear brake to help rotate the bike - which doesn't feel like what I should be doing.

    Just lean it in harder?

  • Had a fun couple of hours at steel city today. Hope the dude that got helicoptered out of town and the lad who went full bore into a tree right on the first corner both aren’t feeling too sore right about now. The Kid had a great time, enjoyed a pizza and a chocolate crepe but was also super impressed with the racing.

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  • Slow down in advance of the corner?

  • Bucket list item ticked off today. North Shore, Vancouver. Well out of my comfort zone at times (very steep, littered with hazards designed to throw you over the bars or "janky" as the locals say). But survived. Loved it.

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  • Is it not case of getting weight on the front wheel to deweight the rear and then slide it around. I am not particularly good but I do ride tight switchbacks like this. This is part of a scandi flick approach. You also need some speed to make this possible and the amount of speed can seem too much.

    Was the corner bermed? Just rail it if so. I ride loose stuff on XC tyres so it's s lot harder to commit than I make it sound. And I've scars on my forearms from lowsides.

  • Second photo looks dreamy

  • Second photo definitely has over the bars potential. Crazy amount of line choices!

  • Anyone selling a medium Solaris Max frame? Or something similar: 120-140mm, steel hardtail 29er.

  • Happy Tuesday to me!

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  • Been there done that.

    It's all about the 26" Manitou R7s that lose 50% of their air pressure overnight, these days.

    Go big or go home. I went home.

  • Gravel thread >>>

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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