Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • +1 for the Cotic here.

  • +2 for the Cotic.

    My Solaris is easily the best MTB I've had.

  • Thanks @Dammit and @Scrabble too. Gonna think about the Pace still I think…

    If anyone wants a brother big bro in L f+f I’ll need to find a home for that first.

  • I don’t know where you are but if you would like a go on my 529 (XL) just let me know.

  • Those Pace frames look to be really good value. I am too into stuff that requires a bit more bounce still, but maybe as I get more sensible, they could be a good option. Great brand as well. I have always liked what they do.

  • Does anyone know if I can use the brakelevers of Deore 2 piston brakes on 4 piston Deore calipers.
    I like the brakelevers so it would be easy if i can only just swap the calipers.

  • You can use the cheaper br-mt520 as well. They're pretty much the same. That's what I've done. Really happy with it.

  • brother big bro

    might be interested, have sent PM

  • Does anyone have a 12 speed mtb Shimano cassette that they can part with? Deore/slx/xt 10-51
    Not to fussed on condition as long as its not completely shagged

  • Do you need RCT3 to get lockout on the pike? I can't seem to find any for sales.

  • Just a basic OTP but signed up to CTW scheme and got my first MTB since being a teenager in the 90s. Looking forward to hooning around the Hertfordshire countryside this summer and maybe a spot of bikepacking too. I've spent too long on 25mm tyres, these 2.25" are like balloons!

    (Excuse the spacer stack)

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  • First upgrade: Dropper!

  • Yes. Swapping out the 10-51 SLX on my new bike so unused

  • on my new bike


  • Commute into town on a road bike today. After years riding mountain bikes I do feel like I want the road bike to be longer. Odd.

  • Reach or wheelbase?

  • Oh pm me with a price a couple photos just whenever you get the chance please?

    I actually managed to source a mini XT group set last night but I’d maybe take your slx too if it’s still going.

    Edit - this reminds me I’ll soon have a brand new 12 speed XT mech and shifter that will be going up for sale very soon - anyone want??

  • Yeah I go through this phenomena too. I tend to ride the mtb every other day through the best summer months.
    The road bike always feels really short for the first few rides, to the point it makes me wonder if I should actually go back to a 130mm stem.

  • This is nice comp. Shows me all the various ways I'll never be able to ride a bike...


  • Have a work trip to UK in a few weeks and a new colleague who's into mountain biking so planning to head a few days early for some biking...

    Ferrying into Holyhead and need to collect something in Rotherham before heading down to Salisbury so anywhere along that route...

    Thinking about doing a day at Revolution (Just checked and it's booked up that weekend so will need another suggestion) and a day at Antur Stiniog (I've been to both before) but keen to hear any suggestions people have along that route?

    Farmer John's? Anywhere in Sheffield? Uplift preferred as I'm not going to win any fitness awards at the moment but open to suggestion...

  • No uplift in Sheffield. Wharny and Greno well worth a visit. Big mix of natural tech and smoother flow stuff. Steel City DH track has been redone for the race on the 14th.
    Win Hill/Ladybower area also worth a visit. Lots of Peak classics, plus I believe the cheeky trail fairies have been hard at work.

  • I'll check all of those out! Wouldn't be adverse to somewhere in Greater London area too as I'll have to collect another colleague from Heathrow the Sunday evening en route down... Surrey Hills or somewhere maybe? I'm quickly resigning myself to a day of pedalling.

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  • 73-Year-Old North Shore Betty


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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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