Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Yes but not much. Get a bigger one. I have a mudhugger which is great if actually muddy.

  • They help a bit with stopping mud flying up into your face but if it’s sticky, claggy mud they become more of a hindrance.

    The Crud Catcher type downtube guards work well if it’s really shitty.

  • Get a big one, look dorky whilst being able to see where you are going. The large RRP ones work very well, zip-tie onto the fork, or there's velcro straps you can use which I think are worth getting.

  • Steerer tube mount any good? This way I can leave it off unless it's actually needed

    Fits 26x2.2 which is close enough and looks like it'll fit in the steerer.

  • They're a bit flappy if you're actually going off-road, more for commuters who've been sold a cheap MTB.

  • Kinda similar to the rat tail thing I have then. Not really a biggie so long as it can sit high enough away from the tyre and doesn't snap after 5mins. I don't think I'll be going fast enough for the most part to generate spray anyway :)

  • I've got a Mucky Nutz one which has been brilliant at stopping my front tyre throwing dog eggs into my face. It works well with mud too.

  • It’s more about stopping mud being flung into your eyes tbh. Stubby mudguard and clear glasses are an option.

  • That's why I want a front guard - to stop getting a face full of muck if it rains.

    I'll be wearing glasses as well so long as it's not crazy foggy.

  • The stubby ones do a little, the big ones like the RRP Long stop basically all debris/water/etc being thrown up into your face. That’s where my experience stops- but if my goal was not to have to devote any thought to the issue of shit getting in my face I’d fit a mudguard I knew worked and move onto the next thing.

  • Steerer mount not good. Front bit is too long, means you can't see your front wheel & where you're placing it. Agree with those above that you want a longer one that zip ties to the fork arch.

  • What about this? I could actually get this one on time. Can't believe I'm putting mudguards on a bike again. I feel dirty (ironic, no?)


    or the Standard version:

  • It has to fit on one of these forks:

  • What about this?

    That'll be the one Dammit just recommended

  • There's like 8 different RRP front mudguards on CRC, smartarse.

  • Surely anybody in their right mind would automatically choose the 'MAX' option?

    Oh wait

  • I hate all mudguards. I want the smallest one that does something. Think 80/20 rule.

    I take it the enduro ones are only useful for speedier stuff

    386mm long 85g (without cable ties)
    494mm long 119g (without cable ties)
    Max Protection:
    582mm long 133g (without cable ties)

    The Max is cheaper for some reason.

  • Get the Max, it's the most effective, and what we're after here is "fit and forget".

    One less thing to worry about on a 24 hour race sounds like a good idea to me.

    (I have a spare Max but you'd need to come and get it, so ordering from CRC may be the best option).

    It should be fine on that fork - the crown would act as the fork bridge.

  • I’ve got similar bars from bontrager. Quite handily you can mount a garmin and a light to them.

  • what we're after here is "style and sexiness"


  • I suspect I know the answer to this - my girlfriends bike has a Fox34 on it, which we set to the pressure value in the little quick reference chart on the fork leg. She never gets more than 50% travel. I borrowed her bike and rode a short but very rooty and moderately steep section of trail and I got the same travel that she does. I'm 20+ kg heavier, and load the front of the bike quite a lot. Fork buggered? Needs a service? Something else?

  • Does it have 1,000 volume spacers in it?

  • Ah, good question. No idea - I shall have a look.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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