Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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  • Stacked it at speed today, annoyingly on a simple bit of single track that I’m pretty familiar with. Guess I got over-confident. Not sure what caused it, just heard an unpleasant noise and suddenly I was flying through the air. Fortunately managed to come off at pretty much the only spot where there wasn’t a tree or a rock to land on, and as a result am just minus some skin on my right arm and plus a slightly sore shoulder. Bike appears to be ok. Could have been way worse. Shame as it was an otherwise beautiful morning.

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  • There's a few trails that can make up a decent ride if you head up to Henley. Quite a few trails between there and Christmas Common.

  • New bike day (theoretically) tomorrow. Much excitement.

  • Me, a pal and our two 7 year olds spent a very happy day doing a Ten Track Trip to raise money for our local bike track refurb in Marple. 8am-5.30pm with 25km of pump/ bmx/ Mtb track riding and 100 miles van driving.
    Lady Cannings and the moorland bridleways was great, Eyam pump track very good. Hope pump track rocky but very interesting. Obviously both kids fell off on the only rocky track!

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  • Survived 3 days at Inners without any unplanned tree-hugging incidents. Surprised myself with some of the stuff I managed to ride down. Liver Damage and No Social provided a couple of WTAFIGO moments. Seem to have worn out the ends of my braking fingers, as fingerprint unlock on my phone is rather less effective than usual.

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  • No Social is a brilliant trail!

  • How are you finding the Smashpot @TotalShanner? I decided to scratch the itch and have one incoming for my Lyrik.

    Think I'll probably swap the spring and dampers over to the other stanchion, as supposedly this solves the "can't go back" problem

  • Tldr - I really like it

    Yeah, I’m really happy with it. My initial thought was that it wasn’t really the night and day difference that I was expecting. It felt very plush but I wasn’t so sure that it was massively more plush than the air spring.
    But after a few rides and dialling back the hydraulic bottom out, it really started to feel good. I think it just took a bit of adjusting to, it feels very active and in turn that made it feel a bit unsettling. I slowed the rebound and it felt much better.
    I initially ran the bottom out to ramp up quite a lot, but I’ve now settled on it with much less bottom out resistance. So it feels much more linear through the stroke(as you’d expect with a coil) and I think that was part of the weird unsettling feeling I had at first.
    I wasn’t able to test it back to back with another air fork so that made it hard to really say how it felt in comparison.
    But I just got a Yari RC fork cheap on crc for my other bike. After comparing them, there’s just no question that the coil feels way more plush.
    I’m tempted to try both a lower and higher spring rate. Right now it’s got a 50lbs and I have a 55lbs spring to try. If I find a 45lbs spring cheap, then I’ll probably get it just to see.

    If you want to try any of those spring rates before buying them, let me know and I’ll lend them out.

  • If anyone wants to borrow my Secus/Lyrik let me know, it’s just sat in a box right now.

  • soooo tight!

  • Very thorough review, haha. Can't wait to get it now! Mines coming with a 45, but I'm just on the border of needing a 50. Once I've had a few rides and tested, I may take you up on that offer, thanks

  • Oha. Those are nice!

  • Good event that, and a nice course

  • That's just reminded me that I have an entry for this

  • Happy to help. I saw it in an email, checked dates, can't do it.

  • But they even had a Fat biker class, so you could enter.

  • I think that's "Fat Bike". I made that mistake before...

  • Just flagging this. I think i fancy it or the Goodwood duathlon on the same day 🤔 anyone else doing this? If it's dry Pippingford is great if it's not it's not

  • Has anyone tried a Shockwiz to set up the suspension at all?
    Are they any good or am I better off just fiddling around with clicks, pressures and spacers?

  • I found it really useful. Just saved a lot of fiddling around. It helped get things better.

  • How do you guys normally decide which frame/bike to buy? I'm looking at geo charts for bikes I like, for example the Cotic Rocketmax and the Marin Alpine trail and they are very different. The reviews online are not very useful...

  • I always take a punt with mine and see what happens. Only bought one pig, a Niner Air9.
    I think some folk on forums and some reviewers spend too much time worrying over things like seat and head angles. Personally I don’t take much notice and generally decide by what looks like it’ll be fun to ride.

    If you’ve no idea at all then demo rides are your friend. Cotic do loads of demo days around the country.

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Let's offroad / mountain bike / mtb / ride dirt

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